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    Default I need to show off a bit

    Vacation time is finally here!! We splurged for a limo to take us to the airport (actually, the children had the idea.) So it picks us up at 0630 Tuesday morning. Then we go pick up one of my best friends and her family (they are going to NY.) Mimosas for the ride to Denver International.

    Then off to the Florida Keys for a couple of days. My parents live there and an amazing start for our vacation. Lots of good wine and time to unwind.

    Then Thursday we head off to Jamaica (san kids.) A early flight from Key West to Miami then to Montego Bay. We should arrive around 10:45. We splurged again on TimAir to CN. Never done that before so really looking forward to a new experience.

    It's been 2 1/2 years since our last trip. The last couple of years have been very stressful, so this trip is needed more than anything. I'm saying some prayers for great weather (I made the mistake of looking at the satellite forecast...gasp!)

    Lots of packing and primping to do today!!!! I'll definitely post a review and pics when we get back.

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    Well MnK sounds like you have the most wonderful trip planned out for you guys! a little Florida Keys before your trip sounds just so great and you are going to have the most wonderful time ever! Look forward to your review and have a safe trip!

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    So JEALOUS!! I will send out my special Irish Good Weather prayers "May the sun shine bright on your trip to Negril-and may the bar be close for your drink refill!!" LOL Have fun!
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    MnK - So glad you are finally making it back to Jamaica! Have a wonderful time

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    Awesome!!! Sounds like you're vacationing in style. Great idea! You will love the flight from MJB to Negril. We did it before and are doing it again. Amazing views of the island, make sure to keep your camera handy! Keep the sand warm for us...79 days to go!

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    Default Wow!

    Well, you are going all out with your limo ride. That is great and well deserved the way it sounds.
    We will probably see you there. We arrive Thursday June 9th for a week stay! Have a safe trip and enjoy your family time with your parent then we will see you on the beach of CSA. We are sooooo excited. It's our first visit, but sounds like we are going to love it there. We never had a honeymoon so we are making up for lost time. Watch out COUPLES here we come!!

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    Hey Buckhunterswife I want that same special Irish prayer when I go too!!! LOL Love it!!

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    I hope you and Matt have a really great time. I am sorry that we could not work it out this year to be there at the same time. We still have a few more weeks, 49 days to be exact.

    Lot's of love,

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    Good for you, isn't life wonderful! Enjoy being home again

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    Default have fun

    Sounds like an amazing trip! I'm sure you will have so much fun!

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    Thanks everyone! Karin and time let's be there together!!! Miss you guys.

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    Enjoy, hope you have a great time, starting in Key West is a great begining!!!!!

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