Its official! Papers were handed to us today and money was exchanged. We will be in Jamaica from Jan 27 2012 until Feb 3rd 2012. Now the offical countdown can begin.

I was wondering about the Trading Spaces. We are first timers and I am not able to locate much information regarding that other then what the threads say. Seeing it took my Hubby (david) and I over 3 months to decide which resort, I thought it would be great to get a taste of another while we are there.

David asked me today if I would like to do the romantic dinner on the beach thing. We are not very fancy eaters and we dont drink. Do you think it would still be worth it? How was your experiences?

I am so grateful for all the wonderful messages that come through this message board. For it is one of the reasons we finally decided on TI. So thank you all for showing your wonderful photos. Sharing your experiences and passing along much needed information to newbies like me.

Jamaica here we come.....Is it 2012 yet??