My girlfriend and I are leaving very early Saturday morning for CTI. This will be our first time out of the U.S. so we're really excited. I should mention that these forums have helped us out a ton so far and we really appreciate that; so thank you. My questions below have been answered before but apparently I'm useless at searching right now, I couldn't find them.

We plan to stay on the resort at most times taking part in resort activities and meeting people. The only outside adventures that we may take part in would be a shopping trip; and we're looking at a couples massage as well.

With that said...

1.) How much cash is generally thought to be sufficient to have on-hand. I know with a shopping trip this answer is subjective, but any help would be appreciated.

2.) Can we charge the massage to a credit card instead of carrying that much more cash? I know tipping for this is allowed/appreciated and should be cash.

3.) With the whole idea of a week of relaxation, I didn't think to put together any more than one collared shirt. I have read about dress codes and it seems like I should be fine with decent shorts and a t-shirt for most breakfast/lunch meals but do all dinner restraunts require collared shirts or better?

Thanks in advance!

Robert Seal