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    Default Food included at CN

    Is all the food included at CN? Including dinner at the restaurants?

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    yes all of it


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    This is an all inclusive resort, all food, including snacks at the grill is included. All drinks are included, pop, juice, alcohol, premium brand liquors, beer (red stripe).

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    And don' forget the soft serve ice cream and Ting!! It's all included and all excellent!!!

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    Yes the ice cream, I probably had 10 ice cream cones a day. You need to tap the lever and let the maching run for a few seconds before making your cone. Haha, took a few test runs to get that figured out. I always say to friends you could go there with $10.00 cash and return with most of it.

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    And you can eat as many times as you want at any place. No limits on the "fine restaurants".

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    You will be shocked at how much is included!!! More than you could eat or drink. On our first trip to CN, I really wasn't sure how this all inclusive worked. The first night when you have a five course meal and all the great drinks you want and push away from the table and walk away, you will be in awe!

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    If you do not see something you like on the Menu or you have a special diet, the chef's will cook you what you request. There are no additional charges except for Bottles of Wine (non house wine). The food is excellent. My husband is picky and he loves couples. We will be back in 3 weeks. Cannot wait. Top shelf alcohol, best food.. best service .... Cannot wait -- did I already say that ...

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    I will never forget our first trip to Jamaica, and Couples. We were at CN for our honeymoon 11 years ago. The first night at dinner everytime I took a sip of my wine someone came by to top off my glass!!! The 2nd night I couldn't decide if I wanted the shrimp dinner or the steak dinner.....they brought me the steak dinner with a HUGE plate of shrimp on the side!!!

    Fat Guy HEAVEN

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    I always worry that we will forget to pay our server after returning home......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jan View Post
    I always worry that we will forget to pay our server after returning home......
    LOL - Every time we return from Couples, we have the same fear!!

    Something else to mention as well, is that we have never had service anywhere around home that comes even close the excellent service at CSS!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnsfit View Post
    Is all the food included at CN? Including dinner at the restaurants?
    I'm guessing from some of your questions that you have previously cruised where they call it 'all-inclusive' and then charge you every time you turn around. Couples is not like a cruise at all. Everything really is included. All of the water sports including diving and water skiing, plus sail boats and the sunset catamaran cruise. All food including the reservation restaurant is included as well as all drinks (soft drinks as well as alcohol, beer, and wine.) The only alcohol you will pay for is if you decide to buy one of the Manager's special wines. Otherwise everything is included.

    At CN there will be vendors in the ocean with jet ski's and those are extra.

    You will have a fabulous time at CN. When you get to the resort stick your wallet in the safe and there is no need to pull it out until you leave.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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