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    Hi everyone! My husband and I visited Couples Negril 2 years ago on our honeymoon, and we're planning on returning in July 2012 for our 3rd anniversary. We loved CN. We're trying to figure out if we should stay with what we know or branch out and try another location (most likely CTI). For those who have been to both, what do you think?

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    We have stayed at all but CSA, which we will try this year. So far our favorite by far is CTI. It was our first Couples experience and for us the others don't give us quite the same experience. I would think the only thing you might miss is the beach if the larger beach is important to you. I say give it a try. If you don't love it you can go to CN again next time. You will also be able to visit CSS on trading places.

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    We are huge CN fans, this Dec. will be #8 back home. Once for a quick trip we tried CTI. It was very nice. I think most would agree the beach is better at CN...much bigger and softer sand. The upside to CTI is they have private beaches. We felt there is more to do at CN and the staff is more out going at CN. Would we go back to CTI again...Maybe, we did a day trade to CSS and would probably stay there is we didn't stay at CN.

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    Depends on what you liked about CN. We have been to CN 5 or 6 times...did the SR this year and got CTI. CTI restaurants were equal if not a little better than CN...entertainment was similar. The thing that sticks out for us was the beach.

    If you enjoyed the AN beach at CN...the definitely go to CTI...the island is what makes the resort. If you enjoy the beach, then go with CN. At CTI we would do the beach in the morning, the swim up bar in the afternoon, move around 3pm to catch the sun setting in between the buildings, then move again at 4 to the end of the pier to catch the last sun of the day. I did not like having to move 3 times to follow the sun.

    The rooms are what they are...CTI is more of a hotel but we appreciated the size of our room and being so close to everything. But we have no problem with CN rooms either.

    CTI does have the smoothy/veggie bar that we enjoyed. Bayside was very romantic...but I would choose CN over CTI for our next visit.

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    We went to CN last year and decided to go to CTI this year. We were nervous too, but loved CTI! It had as a much younger, cooler vibe, probably due to the recent renovations. Here are a few differences we noticed. Beach grill was better at CTI and overall we felt we had more/better food options. Loved having two pools. Beach is smaller at CTI, but very nice. Room was fantasic, but we had a suite and at CN just a regular room. Staff seemd more friendly. There were less organized games poolside than CN. Snorkeling and glass bottom were not as good because there werent as many fish in the area. Catamaran was not as good, kinda boring and no slide. Overall we would return to CTI or try another before returning to CN, but we dont really think less of CN now.

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    We went to CN first and loved it. Then a CSS/CN split and loved CSS too. Then a CN/CTI split and disliked CTI so much went back to CN after 2 days! But, to each his own. Give it a try, but don't try to compare it to CN. It's completely different!
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    Loved CTI so much we couldn't bring ourselves to venture out and miss seeing the smiling faces of CTI. In the end we just booked a split so we could have our something new and our something old....if we do it right maybe we will trade places a day to see even more. 79 days to departure Maybe we will even venture to the isle this time...wink! We snorkled 2x a day...did the falls...scuba for newbies...glassbottom boat...this time maybe even a night snorkel
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    Everyone has their favourite couples resort, so different people will obviously give you a different answer.
    We have been to both CN and CTI.
    Both myself and hubby were disappointed in CTI and had we never visited CN we would not have returned to a couples resort again.
    CN we absolutely loved.
    Food we found far far more superior to our tastes at CN
    Service far far better at CN
    Beach far far nicer at CN
    Room we thought was nicer at CN, but i do think that because CTI had been refurbished we were expecting something special, which it was not.

    This of course is just our opinion but the quick answer is would we go back to CN yes yes yes in a heartbeat.
    Would we go back to CTI, that i am afraid would be a definate no!!

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    Our experience was very similar to Glenalk. CTI is very hotel-ish and not spread out like CN. The beach is very small and the sand is not as soft. Overall we didn't care for the 'feel' of CTI. Now, we did end up transferring over to CSS and loved it. If you want to try the Ocho Rios side of the island, I would go to CSS. It is a fabulous resort. The beach is small like CTI, but there is just something about CSS that makes it very special like CN.
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