Let me start by saying that I just returned from my honeymoon at CTI, prior to this trip I have never done anykind of public nudity. My wonderful husband I and I spent pretty much our entire week on the island completly nekkid, surrounded by people we had never met before.
I have never felt more comfortable or less judged in my life, and a complete feeling of security in my relationship.

Our first day, I listened to the message board and found a quiet spot where the two of us quickly disrobed and laid out to soak up the sun. After about a half hour we were getting a little thirstly so we looked at each other and decided to go over to the pool bar, we just figured, screw it, if we're going to do it let's just go for it.

So, while we planned to do all kinds of excursions that week, all we did was hang out at the island. Here's why...

After an hour of being nekkid, you realize that it really is the "natural" way to be. My swimsuit didn't bind me up or create a muffin top, my body just looked like it is supposed to. I never felt like anyone was scrutinzing me, because what can they say? No ones perfect and I'm nekkid but they are too

I don't know if I have ever met a friendlier or more fun group of people in my life. One of our new friends said it best "coming to the island is like running into a bunch of your friends you haven't met yet", so true. And for a couple reasons, I think everyone at the island is outgoing (you have to be to take off your clothes in front of a big group of prople right?) so it's easy to make friends. 2nd reason, you have to have a comfort level in your relationship and with life in general to go for it too. I met a group of people that #1 - love their spouse/signifigant other and #2 - love themselves, it's just a great vibe there.

While at the main resort all week we could hear people talking about what they thought the island was all about, the one thing they all had in common was that they had never been there. As it's been said 1000 times on the message board, once you go, you know. I will squash the "rumor" that anyone there is a swinger or creepy in anyway, no one there gave any kind of indication that they were there for any other reason than to have a great time with THIER OWN spouse. And the feeling there is very non-sexual, if anything people go out of thier way to avoid anything sexual going on in front of others. There is of course a loving embrace or kiss between a couple but no making out or explicit touching.

For those of you considering it, just go for it. Don't worry about if other people are fit or how many people remove body hair, or staying in a spot where no one can see you. RELAX and go for it, you only get one chance at this ride called life. Go your first day, if it's not for you then don't go back, if it's for you then you'll have an amazing time and you'll only be mad at yourself you didn't figure all of this stuff out sooner.

I know that I have now met some folks that I will be friends with for a long time, and that I know just a little more about life because of the people we met there. Viva, April Amigos!!!