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    Default Just under 19 hours before we're supposed to leave for the airport

    And I'm home with a sick child. Can't say this is what I needed right now! Please send all the healing vibes you can spare this way!

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    Wow ! As a mother I understand your situation. I pray for the healing of your child and that anything else hindering your departure be removed in Jesus Name. Amen

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    sending you healing wishes from Ireland

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    I feel your pain I'm under 24 hrs to leaving and have issues all weekend long one thing after another. Which resort are u going to. I'm sending all the prayers I have for u and your sick one. Just keep telling yourself a beach and some warm sun will help alot......I hope!!!! Parents need time too it helps us deal.

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    Oh no! I hope your little ones feels better today so you can be on your way to paradise!

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    19 hours has come and gone.

    So what happened?

    Hope the little one is all better and mom & dad are having a great time at Couples.

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    Hope all is well!

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