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    Default Getting married August 30th at CN!

    My finace and I will be at CN from 8/27-9/1 and are getting married on 8/30. We ditched the big wedding we were planning for October and chose to do it just ourselves in Jamaica. So excited and hoping we can meet some pfun couples while we are there. This is both of ours first marriages, so we are going to want to party and celebrate the whole week!

    p.s. Did I mention how excited I am about the AN beach?! My future husband is a bit worried but we have already established that "baby gets what baby wants" lol.

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    You will love it. We will miss you by a couple days but promise not to drink all the booze up before you get there....

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    Hi there-
    My fiance and I are getting married in the states on Aug 27th and will be arriving for the honeymoon on the 29th. We were going to do an island wedding but the big family guilted us. haha. But honeymoon is even better. Maybe we will see you!

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    My family is still giving us guilt, but they'll get over it sooner than we would get over the debt from the big wedding!

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