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    Default After all of that..CN again!!

    We went to CN for my husbands 40th birthday in 2007...I will be 40 next year and we have been talking about going somewhere for my birthday. I have spent the last 3 weeks deep in research as to where to go, where to stay, etc... I kept finding lovely places...but I kept comparing them to CN and found them lacking in something or another!
    Finally, a few days ago, we agreed to stick to then, which one? I certainly couldn't go back to the SAME resort, could I? I mean, it was already crazy that we were going back to Jamaica when there is a big world out there, right? I ruled out Ochos Rios pretty quickly (rougher water, smaller beach). So, I kept looking at CSA and really wanting to love it there...but I also just kept going back and looking at the pictures of CN and even went and found my tripadvisor review of CN from 2007.
    Tonight, I got on the computer, all set to book CSA. And what do you know...when I finished booking I'd booked a Garden room at Couples Negril! lol! We stayed in a suite last time and loved it, but I couldn't justify the increased room charge when we were barely in our room anyway. We booked the garden room last time too, but got an upgrade to the suite. If we can manage that again when we check in, that will be great.
    Whatever! I just feel so relieved to have finally made the choice...or maybe it chose me! I was just really afraid to mess with a good thing.
    I also like that my husband and I will have both celebrated our 40th birthdays at the same place! I'm cheating a bit, because my birthday isn't until May 2012, but I really want to escape the Pittsburgh winter, so we are booked for February 2012!
    Let the countdown begin!!


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    I say you do what feels right. Many people have loved visiting all the resorts while others have been back to the same resort over and over. We've been to Jamaica 15 times but only just discovered Couples last October. We have friends that don't understand why we keep going back to's that "big world" thing you mentioned but if you're in love why stray? As for Couples, we went to CSA and for us it will always be CSA. If you love CN there is nothing wrong with going there over and over. Enjoy your countdown and your trip!

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    Jenna...I heard ya, we went to CN 1st in'07...returned the next yr. just cause friends we had met wanted to meet up again, then tried CSS in '09...Is CSS all that CN is? for us this is hard to answer, because CSS was also a spectacular place and we had a wonderful time there..but, to best answer would be to tell you that our '10 and '11 trips have both been BACK to's just home to us
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