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    Default Private Dinner at CN - Beach or Treehouse

    Headed to CN to celebrate our 25th anniversary end of June. Planning on doing a private dinner but not sure which I would rather do Beach or Treehouse. Let me hear from on which location and why


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    We really enjoyed the tree house. During our dinner the skies opened up and poured and it was nice to have cover. Also, at night time the sand fleas come out and can eat you alive on the beach. Some people have had success with bug spray while others haven't. I vote for the Tree House.
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    Why not wait to decide until you're at the resort? Check out both locations and make your decision then.
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    The treehouse is a private location and you won't have to worry about sand blowing in your food, or sand fleas biting your feet.
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    I would book the treehouse first (there's only one of those) and if you decide to have dinner on the beach after you arrive you can change the reservaton. If you book the beach first, the tree house may not be available on the night you want if you decide to have dinner there.


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    We are going to CN at the end of July to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and we chose to have a private dinner in the treehouse. Not only did the privacy appeal to us, but I can't wait to be surrounded by the beautiful singing of the tree romantic!!

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