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    Default JUNE 2011 Introductions

    Holy cow...we're 3 months out!!! Anyone else getting excited? Anyone else packing????? (I bought two new dresses for the trip yesterday.)

    Let's use this thread to introduce ourselves. Please share:

    Your names
    Where you're from
    Dates of travel
    How many other trips to Couples
    If you're celebrating something on your trip
    What you're looking forward to the most a pic so we'll know you when we see you!!!

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    Bob and Pam from Indiana
    June 2 - 11
    5th trip to CN
    9 days of heaven.

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    I forgot to answer my own thread!!

    Kristen & Matt from Colorado
    9 - 16 June
    3rd trip to CN (1 other trip to CSA)
    Looking forward to sun, sand, and rum
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    Madison Edgar (will be Madison Trevino) & Andrew Trevino
    From Fort Worth, Texas
    Honeymooning from June 5th - 12th
    This is out first vacation together and Andrew's first time on the beach! I'm so excited to spend 7 nights in paradise!!

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    Andy & Leanne
    England, UK
    31st May - 14th June
    Just the two of us at the moment.
    Two weeks of relaxing.

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    Howdy, wife and I are from Seattle going on our first real vacation together here at CN for our 5 year anniversary. It's also a kind of celebration of the fact that we are both also 30 this year. Wife as never before been on a real vacation outside long weekends or our somewhat short honeymoon adventure in the mountains. It will be my first real vacation since about 7th grade! Neither of us have been anywhere outside the USA or Canada, so this is all a new experience for us. We will be happy to be away from the kids alone for a week! Hopefully there will be some couples there around our age, though either way is no big deal.
    Can't wait to see Rick's Bar and do the booze cruise!

    Josh & Ama

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    Hi all! We're Jayna & Brent from Missouri, and we'll be there June 10th-17th. We've been to CN once before (on our honeymoon in August 2001) and CSS once before (an early celebration of our 5-year anniversary in June 2006). We're returning to CN in June to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary a little early. We can't wait to just relax and enjoy ourselves on the beach!

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    Tiffiny and Bud
    Ursa, Illinois
    June 6-13th
    Our honeymoon!!!!
    There will also be another couple there with us.
    I am so excited and counting down the days....84 days till theres sand between our toes!!! See ya then

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    Ryan & Tammy
    Michigan City, IN
    May 31st - June 7th
    First time visiting Couples
    Looking forward to spending time relaxing after 7 months of wedding planning.

    So Tammy doesn't know where I'm taking her on our honeymoon yet. I'm trying to prolong the mystery as much as I can -- dropping pretty vague hints every now and then. Can't wait to get there!

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    Jenny & Nick
    Birmingham, Alabama
    May 28th through June 3rd
    This will be our second trip. We were married at CN in December '08.
    Heading to CN for a much needed vacation.

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    Default June 13-17!

    Opps, I think I posted that twice!
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    Jamie & Kenny Whitlock (getting married 6/11)
    We'll be at Couples Negril June 13-17! We're first timers to Jamaica!

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    We'll be there for a week on the 26th. This is our first trip to Jamaica so we're really excited.

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    Dan and Jennifer
    Halifax, Nova Scotia
    June 23-29
    1st time to Jamaica

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    Dorothy and James Larks from Newark, DE. We are scheduled to arrive June 21st with a tentative departure date of June 28th! . We were married in Ocho Rios and honeymooned in Negril in 1999. I have actually lost count but this is our 16th, 17th or 18th time back as we go every year in June and sometimes for birthdays, holidays or just because! (Lucky me). We have been to all resorts - last trip was in November at CSA amazing! I cannot pick out a favorite as I love them. We are looking forward to seeing our Jamaican families that we miss and love. We also cannot wait to meet up with the amazing people we continue to meet each year who return back to this wonderful place (Tiffany and Delroy oops I mean Larry, Debbie and Randy, Curtis and Edith). For all the newbies - you will not be disappointed I can promise you that. The resort is fabulous and the staff is amazing! I hope you all have a wonderful time! Remember - once you go - you know!
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    Dorothy & James - Delaware

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    Hi - We are arriving on June 18th and Departing June 25th.
    This will be our first visit to a couples resort. Although we have
    been to Jamaica several other times.
    We are celebrating my birthday and a much needed beach relax-cation!
    We are from Atlanta, GA
    Dan and Mel

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    Hi everyone. Jeff and Sally, from Phoenix, AZ. We have to go to the tropics in June to cool off :-). This is our second trip to CN. Looking forward to the jerk chicken and the wonderful beach!.

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    Andrew & Elizabeth
    Akron, Ohio
    June 27th - July 4th
    First trip to Jamaica
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    DeeDee & J
    Relaxing June 1st-6 @ CN
    1st trip to CN but 3rd with Couples Resorts!
    Love the Bloody Bay...can wait !!!

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    Robert & Michelle
    From Tennessee
    Travel dates May 29th thru June 4th
    First Trip out of US
    Will be on our Honeymoon
    Looking forward to Getting Married to an AWESOME woman, the beach and a whole lotta fun!

    And here we are......
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    Randy and Debbie
    2nd trip to CN
    june 18 - 26
    Goldsboro nc
    The beach, the food, the drinks, the friends we meet here

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    Donna & Steve
    Siler City, North Carolina
    June 19-26 (59 days to go!)
    2nd trip to CN (3rd trip to Jamaica)
    Married at CN on 8.8.08
    Bringing 2 other couples with us this time (yay Kaila, Ben, Tricia, and Sam!)
    Can't wait to put our toes in the water and butt in the sand...already started packing!
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    Default June 16th - 26th

    1st time Couples guests. Traveling with my SO Tim. 6th time to Jamaica, 3rd time to Negril. Looking forward to being a member of the Couples family.

    One Love,
    Kris and Tim

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    Default Inroductions


    Desperately looking forward to visiting Couples Negril with my girlfriend:

    Your names - Dirk & Paula
    Where you're from - South Carolina
    Dates of travel - June 25th-July 2
    How many other trips to Couples - First
    If you're celebrating something on your trip - Being alive and in love
    What you're looking forward to the most - Hedonistic lifestyle, the beaches, sand, water, meeting interesting people and seeing interesting places.
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    Kenny and Christy
    Chattanooga TN
    June 19-24th
    10th anniversary
    first time to couples and jamaica!!!

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