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    Default Our wedding at CSS- 08-18-10

    I know it has been some time since our wedding and I wanted to post these a lot sooner. Unfortunately a lot was going on when coming back home that just prevented me from doing so. I use to be on the forum everyday looking for pictures and researching before the wedding. And I always told my self I'd try to post some pictures of ours.

    We did use the resort photographer because everything else was just out of our budget. With this we got a beautiful album with the name of the resort on it and we also got a wedding DVD. I was worried the wedding DVD would be corny but boy was I wrong. I am so impressed with the job they did and how nicely they put it together. Watching it brought tears to our parents eyes. We did go alone just the two of us and had a wedding reception when we came back with everyone.

    I also had my hair done at the salon which they did a wonderful job and the products the used smelled so good and were very good for you hair.

    As far as the pictures go I think the worse part was only being able to pick so many. I am very happy with the pictures for the price we paid. Again I think the real value was in the dvd. The photographer was wonderful she was willing to work with us and listen to what we wanted.

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    beautiful pictures thanks for sharing

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    Your photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing and congrats!
    Who was your photographer? Is there more than one photographer at CSS to choose from?
    My fiance and I are getting married in March, 2012 and we're planning on going with the resort photographer. Any info you can give will be appreciated.

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    I would be willing to bet that Claudia took those photos! A couple of them are very much like ours! She was fantastic. Others have recently talked about "Jeronimo" I believe as taking great photos. Congratulations!

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    We did have Claudia as our photographer and she was wonderful. She must have taken about 200 photos and we ended choosing about 50 of them. Wish we could have had them all but we were very happy with what we got. Good luck to all you future brides and dont stress. Couples goes out of there way to make your day stress free and perfect!

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    Thanks for taking the time to come back and post your beautiful pictures! My wedding is at CSA 5/16/2012 and I'm on the site every day looking for new pictures! :-)

    I love, love, love your bouquet!!

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