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    I will be at CS for the first time May 30th for two weeks. I know that the a la cartes require dressy clothes such as long pants for men... are there any rules however for women?
    1)Are women required to wear skirts, dresses?
    2)Is there a certain height of skirt/dress that is not accepted; for instance would a dress reaching the thighs be okay or must it reach below the knees?

    thank you!

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    Wow! I don't know how you grew up or where you've traveled before but you are gonna love CSA! No one is measuring your skirts!!!

    Here is a link to the FAQ page for the resorts, lots of information here including how to dress.

    Here is a link to the CSA dining page where you will find the specific dress codes for the reservation restaurants, they vary just a bit.

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    I have been following this message board for about a month and was concerned about the dress code as well. But from other posts, anything goes! They seem very laid back, anything from the little black dress to a pretty casual sundress. I have even read that dressy flip flop were okay. So I wouldn't worry too much about what you bring for dinner as long as you aren't in a swimsuit/cover-up and flip flops it sounds like you will be okay. By the way, we will be there around the same time 5/28-6/2 - Can't wait!!!!

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    We will be there 5/8 to 5/16 look for the June 2011 post to see who else is going.

    You can wear just about anything you want. Wear what you would wear to a nice romatic dinner out and you cant go wrong.

    See you on the beach 54 days.

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