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    Default Howdy from a newbie

    Hi all: My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th anniversary and my 50th (yikes!) birthday next February 18-25 at CSA! This will be our first time to Jamaica and Couples resorts. Thank you all for the excellent information you provide on these boards. I felt like a ping-pong ball trying to decide where to go for our big trip (Caribbean or Hawaii) but after reading about Couples and all the great info, we're hooked and booked! Now the count down begins.

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    Have fun and welcome to the family!

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    welcome to our family, my wife and i renewed our wedding vows at swept away a few years ago right on the beach, we usually go 2 or 3 times a year and just love it, i will be turning 6o in october and figured nothing better than having your birthday cake at swept away, when you arrive order your cake, they are really good ! we have been at the resort 33 times, have fun, waynef

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    Oh, you made the best decision ever!!! Now enjoy the excitement of THINKING about going.

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    Hubby & I honeymooned at COR way back in 1984! Then did all those years of family vacations-going to beaches on the east; setting up the whole house but at a condo or house there (lots of work).

    Well for our 25th anniversary we went back to CTI-so much better than we could ever have remembered as the youngsters we were back in 1984! So now that we're hooked and we've received and love the "Couples" treatment I don't think I can ever go back to the vacations of old....we're heading to CSA this summer to celebrate my 50th-bringing newbies with us too-love Negril and the beach there.

    Oh yeah-we did take our son with us this past summer to the "R" resort on Bloody Bay so that was sort of a family vacation so to speak as kids are allowed there. Definitely prefer the Couples brand and Jamaica is magical!

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    You should try and book a renewal of your vows. Wife and I did so at CSS in October. A very special moment. My lovely bride of 30 years told me she was more nervous than the day we married.

    I have never been to Hawaii. I am sure it is beautiful. But you made a great choice in CSA. It would cost you 500% more in Hawaii for the kind of service you are about to experience in Jamaica. Maybe more

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