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    Default Discovery Cove - Ocho Rios - Dolphins

    I've seen bits and pieces of information here and there about Discovery Cove in Ocho Rios, more specifically, the Swimming with Dolphins experiences. This is something I'm looking to do while there in May and wanted to get information on it, especially current pricing. Also, is it a place you would go to and hang out all day? Is there stuff to do besides the dolphin experience? I'm planning to do the best package with the dolphins where you get to swim, touch, get pulled by, etc. but my husband is only planning to watch. Is there a charge for him? I think I read you can get a better deal if you pay in cash. Is this true? Are there promotions?

    Give me all the details so I can be well prepared for this encounter while on our trip.


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    watching is $60 swimming with one dolphin is $150ish. there is other stuff to do there but none of it is free. there's food/drink, gift shops, stingrays/sharks, there may have been a steel drum band but i'm not sure. There's also a pirate area, and I think a beech. Is it someplace I'd want to hang out all day? no it's crowded and expensive CSS or CTI would be much better to hang out at all day, but the dolphin swim was a really good experience. You also get the option to buy video and pictures of your swim, unfortunately neither myself nor my wife can remember exact prices.

    I was not excited at all to go when my wife suggested it, but once in the water I really enjoyed myself. As for promotions I'm not sure, the only one i saw was get a free tshirt. This isn't a short excursion, we spent the better part of 4 hrs off resort and only in the water for about 30-45 minutes. There are lockers that you can pay for, much like at an amusement park in the states, but I didn't know about this prior to going so i didn't have any place to lock stuff up. I don't know how you pay for them, i'm assuming change but I don't know if it's US or JM money, I don't know if there's a change machine there as I didn't think to look. Wear shoes that you can wear comfortably for a few hours. I wore water socks and my feet were KILLING ME by the time we climbed back in the bus. This is not a couples only excursion like dunns river is. You will be stopping at other resorts to pick people up. We went on a day that ships were in port and it wasn't too crowded but i'm sure that depends on time of day and time of year, talk to the couples staff, they'll get you sorted out. Dolphin Cove is a tourist trap, it's crowded and expensive. But it is also a lot of fun. I see no reason to do it again, but I'm very glad I did it once.

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    We had a great time at Dolphin Cove. We swam with the dolphins and then with the sting rays. they also have a boat ride for two that you take with a guide and they even let me drive. It was great. there was also a nature walk with beautiful birds and iguanas that you can take your picture with.(on your camera). You could also do something with the sharks and toward the end of the beach they had kayaks or you could lie out. We stolled and looked into the stores and it was very relaxing. We did listen to our travel agent and went on a day that the cruise ships were not in. We did not go on our second trip to CTI but do not regret for one minute having done it.

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