We are keen amateur wildlife spotters and have been charmed by all the birds, animals and other wildlife you can see just from a stroll around the fabulous CSS gardens .
We saw ... pelicans ( a pair live on the lake ) , lots of lake terrapins , Cattle egrets and Little Egrets . The Egrets seem to meet on the lawn at sunset and then fly off to a tree near the spa for their nightly noisy roost . There is a hummingbird in permanent residence in a tree above a hammock at the back of Casanova restaurant . He is always there , so plenty of photo opportunities.
There are several types of geckos and lizards and big yellow striped banana spiders . Crabs can be seen on the rocks below the mineral pool and hermit crabs seem to congregate at the right hand edge of sunset beach . We saw large fruit bats and smaller ones ? type. Also , thrillingly , one night we saw an owl chase a bat over by the volleyball nets on main beach .
There are lots of colourful fish to the right of the little beach near the lower spa massage area .
We had fleeting glimpses of mongooses in the grounds . There are the two resident parrots : Cracker, who can leave his cage, says hello and goodbye but does not like being stroked ( by me, anyway ). The Pallazina parrot is quiet but does seem to like a cuddle .
What else ? Lots of smaller birds and heron-type birds. I wish I had bought a book to identify them all .
Phew ! Hope this helps any other keen wildlife spotters .