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    This will be my third visit to Jamaica....1st to couples and I'm super excited!

    I like to try new drinks but never know what to ask for. I don't like coconut with that said does anyone have any suggestions for me to try?!

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    There are tons of tastey fruity & frozen or creamy drinks available, but if you're lookin to cut through the chase & catch a buzz quickly, I stand by my favorite, Overproof rum & diet soda. It's an acquired taste & you must tread lightly, it packs a punch!

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    Try a purple rain. They are delicious. Also the must try drinks at couples are the hummingbird, and the dirty banana.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BruceandKelli View Post
    Try a purple rain. They are delicious. Also the must try drinks at couples are the hummingbird, and the dirty banana.

    What are in these drinks?

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    Bob Marley's of course, and Dirty Banana's were my favorite! Enjoy!

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    At most of the beach and pool bars they have drink menues for you to check out on the bar. First off though, there are some basics like rum punch, hummingbird, BBC, dirty bannana, Malibu and diet coke, sea breeze, and a Bob Marley (a layered shot drink). Don't forget you are also in the Red Stripe beer market. You can always ask your bartender for their personal specialty. They all have one.

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    Vodka & Ting, cant go wrong if you go simple!

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    I asked this on another thread, but does anyone go to the juice bar, get a fresh squeeze, then head to the actual bar to blend with alcohol? Seems like a good idea to me!

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    Try a woowoo......fantastic

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    Quote Originally Posted by driveinduo View Post
    Try a woowoo......fantastic
    oooh, what's that?

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    We LOVE the dirty bananas! We just cant get enough of them! YUMMY!

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    What are Bob Marley's and what's in a woohoo?

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    Our favorite is by far the Snake Eye! Just booked next years vacation.....5 days in Florida with friends then off to CSA for 9glorious days 2/20-2/19 so we will once again be there for Valentine's day. We will miss the Superbowl party but at this point who knows if there will be a Superbowl!!


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    Default juice bar...

    omg my husband and i would do this pretty much EVERY day--go to the juice bar for a coconut w/ the water kept in it...drink about 1/2 of the water and then go have the bartender fill it w/ coconut cream/rum omfg mmmmmmmmmmm)))))

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    Woo woo's are the best larger shot I have ever had, even showed our local bartenders how to make here at home. Such a simple drink with out the harsh alcohol taste, beware they do catch up with you

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    I, too, was wondering what is in some of these drinks?

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    Ting and Rum, pineapple juice (has to be REAL pineapple juice) and rum. The fruity, creamy drinks make us full before we even get a buzz!

    And Bob Marley shots are, of course, a must-do. It's a big shot with different color layers that create the rasta colors. The red layer is grenadine, the green layer is absinthe (I think) and the yellow/white layer is 151 proof rum. It's not a sipping drink, though, and you'll be done with just one!

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