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Thread: Gatorade???

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    Default Gatorade???

    Always needed after a long night of drinking. Does CSA have Gatorade?

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    I don't remember seeing any but maybe in the gift shop or the little store across the street from the Great House. They probably have it or something similar at that store.

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    Yes, across the street.
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    Yes, they have it in the workout room in a cooler. There are also a variety of sports drinks at the bar in the Sports complex.

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    I do not remember seeing Gatorade at CN. So I would think that CSA does not have it as well. You could take those little pouches they make and just dump it into a bottle of water.

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    I've not been to CSA,so I don't know. The alternative might be to pack some gatorade powder packs and then you know you will have it.

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    take some 5hour energy with you. Does the same without bloating the crap out of you. Then just rehydrate with some water adn a then a bloody mary.

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    I always bring electrolyte powder with me. Not only can it be "handy" in the a.m., but we like to take long runs on the beach in the morning as well. It can help keep you hydrated on the beach as well. The nice thing about the powders is you can mix them in the correct ratio of fluid/electrolytes. (Gatorade in the bottle should be cut with about half water.) and if you do this during the day, you won't be hungover in the morning.
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    The sports bar in the spa area has bottles of vitamin water. I do believe they have the a large cooler of powdered gatorade mixed up, but its not always cold.

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    I saw that they have a fresh fruit and veggie drink bar. I imagine that would be a great pick me up after a long night of drinking! I'm sure I'll need it every morning

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