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    Default Snorkeling and Horse back at CTI

    Does anyone know what days and times CTI offers snorkeling and horseback riding. I just looked at the activities list and they arent listed anywhere on there??

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    Thanks a million!! Do you know if you can sign up in advance or if you just do it the day you arrive??

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    we were told that you cannot sign up in advance. We signed up after we arrived & it was no problem! Also, it may be wise (if you are wanting to enjoy dinner at the Bayside or 8 Rivers) to make dinner reservations in advance, to ensure that you get to eat where you want before it gets booked up!

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    from what I have read you need to sign up in advance. Also one is at a plantation and the other is mountainous....if you want a flat ride go with the first one.

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    Please note that the included plantation horseback riding is going away in a few months per Randymon. Enjoy it while you can. We had a blast.
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    WHAT?!?! Its going away?? You have got to be kidding me, that is one of the things that made us book CTI for our honeymoon!! I'm devistated!!

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    Ok I just read Randymon's post and they arent discontinuing it until after we are there (mid July!) I do wish that the mini fridges in every room and room service all day was effective while we were there but since we get horseback riding still I'll live!

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    If I am remembering correctly, the horseback riding you signed up for ahead of time, like you do for the catamaran. The snorkeling you have to wait until the day of to sign up - sign up at water sports when they open in the morning.

    Sad to hear the plantation HB ride is going away - we enjoyed it. But we also liked it when it was across the street.

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