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    CN panoramics won't load for me!?
    I can get every other resorts panoramics just fine!
    Figures, because CN is the one I really want to see!!!

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    South=1, East=5, West=2.
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
    CTI - 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013
    CN - 2003/2004 CSS - 2008
    CSA - 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

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    Default CTI Building 4?

    What is building 4? I do not get a description when I click on the link?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amy View Post
    South=1, East=5, West=2.
    Thanks. I dont want 5 but I would be cool with either of the other 2 buildings.
    CN 2003, 2005, 2008, 2011 CSS 2006, 2007 CSA 2007, 2011 CTI 2009

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    Default view from premier room

    Is it just me or does that not look like the main building from the view of the premier room? i dont think that view matches the location on the map.

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    Oh my! I am so excited. We first went in 2007 and had planned 2008 but went to Negril instead, now I am homesick and can't wait to get back. The pictures are awesome but I can assue everyone that it beautiful even before the upgrade so I can imagine how it must FEEL!

    Thanks for being the only resort we've run across to keep us all updated and communicating! You have made each vacation feel like it lasts a lifetime.

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    Default What am i doing wrong???

    Is it me or my software? Am unable to see any of the CTI new views. The map and menu on the side appears but after clicking a location the new window either loads a blank page or my browser gives the message unable to access. Is it because I'm accessing from the UK? Is the software a US only version? Please help as we've been waiting so long to see the virtual tours of the new CTI.

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    the panoramas are great but the tennis courts are missing from the overhead. I'm concerned that people might think tennis is no longer at CTI since the renovation. Can they be put back in at some point?

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    Is there any way to get a picture of the bathrooms in the One Bedroom?

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    shandi Guest

    Default WOW - thanks for your overwhelming reponses

    Thanks for all your replies. I wanted to note a few things to all.
    - I just checked all the individual tours and they all work. They are in a program called "flash" so you might need to add to launch it.
    - Once loaded, please click anywhere on the screen and you will see a drop down menu of all the tours, the map on the bottom left and a few neat items on the upper right (weather, zoom, google map and full screen)
    - If you look real close on the map you will see little blue numbered circles 1 - 5, on the buildings in which there are rooms. I will work with the resort to identify which rooms are in each building. Soon come.
    - We did not shoot all room categories, since many are VERY similar on the inside, just the view and location are different. When I publish the building and room details, it will make sense.
    - I am so glad you like it!

    Shandi a.k.a Andi Conway
    Director of Sale and Marketing

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    Looks great. The water made me want to jump right in.

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    shandi Guest


    picture of one bedroom bathroom -

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    WoW.....I may have to check it out in person

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    20 hours to go

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    my husband and i are thinking about booking for december and would like to know what makes this place special are the beds comfortable i have a back issue are there any secrets on getting the best price? which rooms are the best? do you have any problems booking the off resort tours? and one more thing we are scuba divers and are wondering how it is there and if the scuba team are good thank you

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