Hi all,

I've hit a slight problem with my couples booking and wanted to get some opinions/advice on how I should handle it.

Last June, I booked my honeymoon, quickly, to take advantage of the $500 resort credit. Being our first trip together, I'm really excited to be staying at this resort and getting our marriage off to a great start. Getting married in Montego Bay, I used a travel agent to book my CSA trip from 5/8-5/15 in a BFVS (leaving day after wedding). I found a great quote online, and had the agent match the price. Fast forward to now, fiancee and I decided to tweak our dates to 5/9-5/16; shifting 1 day to spend extra day with family and friends that are making the trip to Montego Bay (100 people; unbelievable!). Because the dates are different from the quote I received, agent will not price match old quoted rate, forcing me to pay full price. We really want to spend the extra day with our guests, but the additional cost might push us to book somewhere else.

Taking care of our booking through a 3rd party, is there anything Couples can do? Since the BFVS are sold out for the week of our stay, I cannot receive a new quote for our agent to match.

Any advice would be great appreciated!