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    Is there a difference between the bonfire and the beach party or are they the same thing? What nights are they held? We will be there Sun-Sat. Thanks in advance!

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    The beach party is on Friday evening and the bonfire is held late on Wednesday evening. The beach party is a giant buffet dinner, while the bonfire is just what it sounds like, accompanied by a musician.

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    Bonfire on Wed. Beach party on Friday. Both on beach. Two types of parties.

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    Hi photochick, the Bonfire is on Wednesday night. Funny but we never made it there but heard that it is very nice and romantic. The Beach party is on Friday night and it is an elaborate affair. There are a number of buffet stations on the beach with jamacian food and large tables to sit at. They have a band stand set up for live entertainment. It was very nice but about 30 minutes into the affair it poured down rain. Everyone had to move into the Palms restaurant but it just wasn't the same. I didn't care much for the food because it wasn't hot, like when served at the restaurants. Others thought it was just fine. But on our next visit we'll probably make early dinner reservations and then have dessert on the beach. Hmm, or is that a second dessert on the beach? All their desserts are so good and I'd hate to pass one I hope this helps and that you enjoy your time in Paradise!

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