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    Default CN...Our Stay Was Awesome!

    Back in Nov.10,we were troubled with where to spend our vacation this year,our travel agent suggested we try Couples Negril...We were so glad we took her advice it was great

    This was our first time in Jamaica,and wanted to try something different..
    When we landed in Jamaica we felt so at ease and excited to be there,had a few stripes at the lounge and off we went,the drive was a little over an hr. as we didn't stop,the driver didn't ask us so we didn't say anything we just wanted to get there...

    once at the resort we were greeted right away by staff with cold towel and glass of champagne it was heaven,check-in went very smooth and with in 30min. we were in our rooms,
    I couldn't believe how nice this was we were in bldg.8 overlooking the garden with a slight view of the ocean and beach..4 mornings we enjoyed breakfast on the balcony before heading out for the day,we had lots of storage space and enough hangers..bathroom was a good size with lots of counter space,bed was comfy,TV & Docking station worked great,my husband enjoyed being able to listen to his ipod in the room each day.

    The Beach well all i can say is Fantastic!..We have never been to a beach like it..We usually are pool people as my husband can't stand sand fleas but we couldn't stay away it was truly amazing,the red flag service was a plus for sure and my favorite part of the beach was the floaters we loved it..and hubby only got 2 bitescompared to dozens in the past.

    The pool we enjoyed a few days as well,was never crowded and the bartender's were very friendly,this is where we met a few couples all so nice, had some good laughs,was very clean also..

    We tried 2 of the al-lacarts and they both were fine,I forget their names (sorry) I think was Lychee and the other O something,the wait staff at both were EXCELLENT.the other nights we just did buffet which we enjoyed very much the food was excellent every time,even had mashed potato twice,we never had to wait for seating and always had our drink orders taken right away the service was top notch IMO.

    When we arrived on Sun.we were told to meet with our wedding coordinator the next morning so i think we may have missed the orientation session...the resort is small and we didn't have any problems finding our way so not sure if we missed much..
    We renewed our vows here and I have to say they did a fine job with everything my only disappointment with it was we couldn't reserve dinner for wed.evening as they said it was booked,I should have doubled checked as friends mentioned they got bookings after we tried oh well we just went to the buffet,we also tried to book the O rest. and that was closed on thurs. which was my brothers wedding again we did the buffet,ok back to the vow renewal...It was very private & simple set up in the garden gazebo the minister was very nice although he called my husband by the wrong name lol I can only imagine how many renewals he does it's no wonder heheh..After we kissed lots of people were clapping and cheering it was truly an amazing day for us they gave us a 2 tier Jamaican fruit cake that tasted different than were used to but was yummy and champagne,the resort photographer took us around the grounds and beach for some photo's which ended up being so nice we bought a package from him..

    The piano bar was fun on Monday night they had a couple of dancers there getting the crowd involved,i got a little freaked out when I seen a bartender pour my shot of vodka turn around and pour water from a water bottle in it then turned back around and fill with pop and passed it to me guess he thought i wasn't watching i could see this happening if i was drunk but i was no where near that or i would have been dancing lol...I didn't drink it my husband went up and got me another one and he didn't do that with his weird eh..we left shortly after that my husband still says i was seeing things...

    The entertainment at dinner was good we really enjoyed the steel drum band and the dancers one night,but it's true what they say the resort gets very quiet after 10pm we would wait up till the beach grill opened at 11pm and grab some snacks before heading to bed,burgers,onion rings fries & nachos were all soooo good..

    We did some shopping in the gift shop and the prices to us were fairly good,we didn't do much better down the beach the day before,I had to buy some tums one day in a shop different from the gift shop and 3small rolls cost me 7$ but I had to have them ,a lighter was 3$, so do bring lots of things you will need as it's very pricey for those type of things.

    On Tuesday we went to rick's to watch the cliff divers what an amazing place,we spent 3hrs. there a little pricey but worth it to us, we ate jerk pasta and bread was great with a few stripe,the driver dropped us off at 4 and said he would come back at 7 for us and he was there at the front waiting for us at 6.30 we felt very safe glad we went.

    All in all we had a fantastic vacation,the resort is small which we like,very clean,staff couldn't do enough for you the service was wonderful...Our only wish was for more Monday nights and dancing but than again i enjoyed this vacation so much as i went to bed fairly early and woke up feeling great everydayWe would definitely come back and next time do the catamaran cruise which we booked for the day before we left but then didn't want to leave the resort just wanted to enjoy our last full day.

    check-out was a breeze,we saved our reciepts of things we bought through the week and paid the bill that morning no problems..our bus was right on time and off to the airport which i think only took us an hr.I was really surprised on how big the airport was we did some shopping and waited to leave,the only thing i lost was my 3$ lighter at check-in oh well i managed.

    Now only have to wait another year to go home again...well least I have lots of time to decide on which couples to try again,For all you lucky travelers heading to CN in the near future have a wonderful vacation & no worries mon

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    Default Sweet!

    Thanks for that great review - I can almost feel the sun defrosting my old bones! The hub and I will be back in 11 days for our 3rd year in a row and will be renewing our vows on the beach. So exciting!

    If you could, I would love to see some of the pics the photographer took - Thanks again!

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    SO glad you had a good time. Welcome to the family. Hope you can make it back again soon.

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    I really enjoyed your review of CN...Couples Negril


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    @Jerzzgirl--Congrats on your vow renewal. We enjoy your posts and will be going to CN for the 1st time in May. By the way we are from the same town, small world.
    Enjoy your stay and can't wait to see what you post when you return.
    Debbie and Greg

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    Thanks for sharing, glad you had such a good time!!

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    So glad you had a great time at CN! We're heading there for the first time in 2 weeks and love to hear these great reviews! Can't wait to post my own review in a few weeks! Hope it's as good as your trip was, and I'm sure it will be. Thanks!

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