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    can anyone tell me if they have done vow renewal at CSA -- I do not see any specific info for renewal. only weddings.

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    Hi Francine, click on the weddings page and then on the left side for vow renewals. We got married at CSA and it was really the best day of my life. They made it perfect for us and I'm sure they will do an awesome job for your vow renewal. Have fun!

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    My wife and I were witnesses to our friends renewals last visit. Seemed pretty similar to the weddings, we used the same arch, had a miniser, and they provided a coordinator. Then we went to one of the grassy areas with the gazebo and had some wedding cake and champagne. It was very nice, so nice my wife (of less than 5 years) is bugging me to do it when we return in June

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    Our adult children surprised us with a vow renewal ceremony for our 40th in 2007 at CSA. It was lovely but I can't give you any specifics about the arrangement details as they took care of everything.

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    We had a vow renewal at CSA for our 25th a few years ago. It was great! Very relaxed, very romantic. We had just a few "guests", some friends we had met at CSA in the days before, and we were barefoot on the beach. We had a resort photographer take pictures and had an album made. It is looked at far more often than the album from our original wedding. We absolutely recommend it for anyone that is interested. Cost a few bucks for the ceremony and the photos, but well worth it to us.

    Oh yeah. We are returning to CSA this summer for our anniversary. Our fifth trip to CSA and our 31st anniversary.

    You will love CSA!

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