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    Default No cash / tipping question

    There have been recent posts that CSS (and I assume the others) went to "no cash". So how does this work? Everything is charged to my room and we settle at checkout? Can you pay cash then or does it have to be charge? Even if the hubby just buys a pack of smokes at the gift shop? No cash?
    What about tipping? If we use the spa facilities, don't we tip the masseuse?

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    I used cash to settle the charges we had for the spa use and gift shop charges. We tipped the spa folks with cash. I doubt you can charge that to your room.

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    We just came back from CSS- our first time, and loved it!
    We had a couples massage, and I didnt have cash to tip, so I asked if I could add it onto the charge, and yes, they were able to. We didnt bring any cash with us, so if we went to the store, you just told them your room, and it would be charged. When you leave, you finalize the bill- and just use a charge card. The tips were on there

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    I loved that it's totally cashless, made it so nice. Only need to bring some money for food at the airport and tipping the drivers.

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