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    Default Need Help...Snorkling at CSS or other Couples resorts

    Hey y'all

    I'm planning on Honeymooning at a Couples resort in Jamaica in mid-April. My fiancee REALLY wants to go snorkling during the honeymoon. So far only CSA has snorkling listed on their "activities" page. Due to my slow nature only Garden Verandah Suites are available at CSA. I would prefer to have at least an Ocean view. Is CSA good enough to take a Garden over a Ocean at another couples resort?

    Do any of the other resorts offer snorkling? Comments on the snorkling appreciated.

    Can you get a ride to the other resorts for snorkling?

    Thanks for the help in advance,


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    Snorkling is available at all Couples resorts. Haven't tried the GVS so can't speak for it over Ocean.

    Bart & Bug

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    All of the Couples resorts offer snorkeling.

    We have snorkeled at CSA, CSS, and CN. CN and CSA mostly go to the same shallow reefs. CN does have one deepwater (40 feet) snorkel spot that is very nice. CSS has a sunken ship that you can snorkel at which was very cool and different. You will see the same type of fish at any of the resorts.

    If you register for Romance Rewards ahead of your visit, you are eligible for the Trading Places program. Technically, you can't sign up ahead of time for snorkeling at CN if you are staying at CSA (and vice versa). However, when we were at CSA last year and did trading places to CN, the snorkel boat had seats available and let us on, which was incredibly nice of them since we love to snorkel.

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    I just returned from CTI and they had snorkeling trips twice daily.

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    I think so but I am partial to CSA. All of them offer snorkeling though. You cannot snorkel while at one of the other resorts but since they share snorkel and dive spots there is really no need to anyway. CSA and CN go to the same places as do CSS and CTI.

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    Hello Blue,
    Snorkeling is included at all the resorts. As far as ocean view, at CSA if you can afford it, the beachfront veranda suites are fabulous. And Tower Isle has incredible ocean views as well.

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    We snorkeled at CN and it is a beautiful resort.

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    We have snorkeled at both CSS and CSA. The reef they took us to at CSS was not all that active but the one at CSA was great. Far more fish and things to see. One poster said that CSS had a sunken ship to snorkel at. That was not offered when we were there. As for beaches...CSA can not be beat.

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