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    Default css questions booked for june 2011

    Hello, anyone thats been to css and that has stayed in one bedroom ocean suite? I was wondering can you see the beach area from the balcony? I wanted to request D block second floor , just wondering what that faces.And if we have $500 credit do we still get our rewards like the gift shop credit? last year we got $50 so this year I beleive it should be $75? Unless they have changed it again. Thanks to whoever can help.

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    I'll answer to the best of my ability (though I suspect I'll not be the first or only one):

    The one-bedroom ocean suites are interspersed with the verandahs (and penthouses on the top) in D, E, F and G blocks (maybe C, still a little confused on that one). If you're in D block, you'll have a little bit greater than 50/50 change of facing the beach area (i.e., the west-facing rooms plus the north-facing rooms).

    It's a bit hard to describe the views, since you can have sea views without looking at the "beach area." Blocks D, E, F and G are in a semi-circle of sorts around the older part of the resort, in the cliffs, so to speak, which has a very lovely view of the sea, but it's not "the beach area," since the ocean is largely only accessible from the lower/newer part of the resort.

    And as for booking credits, those are completely separate from any repeater and/or honeymoon perks. For example, one visit we booked at a time that offered a $350 spa credit and a $150 gift shop credit. We got that plus our repeaters' rewards of the Couples massage and whatever it was at the gift shop (I don't remember). So yes, it's cumulative.

    If they don't have your proper credits/perks already in the system when you check in, just make sure you mention it, and they'll figure it out. They are very accomodating, but it's sometimes difficult, I think, for the people at the actual resort to suss out who has what in terms of the various promotions. And check-in can be a bit hectic, with often multiple couples arriving at one time. I personally would suggest that if you have non-essential matters to attend, you come back later. It's considerate to the employees, and you'll receive more focused and prompt attention.

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