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    Default CSW or CTI????? in JUNE 2011 or October 2011?

    Ok so I have been to CTI for the last three years and absoutely love it! However, I was wanting to go to the Negril side for a new experience. I am graduating with my Master's degree, that I have worked long and hard for, and am looking for a place to just simply relax! I keep going back and forth regarding going to CTI (what i know and love) or trying out CSA! HELP! Also, weather wise would it be better to go in June or October? PLEASE HELP!

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    If you are just looking to relax and do nothing, I would go with CSW or CN. Since most of the things to do (Dunns, etc.) in the Montego Bay area, You would spend hours trucking over there to tours. There is not a ton to do outside of the resort over on the northwest side of the island. Amber and I stayed there our first trip to Jamaica and we did absolutely nothing that week. It was great. We stay at CSS now because we just love the resort.

    Hope this helps.


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    We were on the fence thinking of trying another resort but we love CSA. We are heading back in June and cannot wait. We love the long beautiful beach at CSA and the sunsets a like no where else in the world, my wife and I are 34 and 31 and find the nightlife just right there as well, as compared to what we have heard from other resorts. The grounds are beautiful and really has a tropical escape feel vs. a more compact like hotel feel. As far as the weather goes, we were there in Sept last time and the weather was great had one or two small 20 rain showers in the afternoon, nut it's the tropics so that is to be expected, but other than that sunshine the whole week. We are going in June this year before hurricane season really gets in high gear. If ya'll decide to we will be there June 1-8, If ya'll decide to try it and are there at the same time the first dinner and drinks will be on us...LOL Let me know if you have ano other questions I will try and help...

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    We too went back and forth between CTI and CSA for our return visit in October. We were married at COR Sept 2006 and are finally getting back....we chose CTI for this trip but I've already told hubby I want to try CSA next trip....which hopefully isn't another 5 yrs away!

    Go with the resort that's tugging at your heart.

    We personally like October since we live in South Dakota and it's nice June-August so doesn't make sense to leave during our few warm mns we get. We like getting away somewhere warm when it's cool but that too is a personal preference.

    Kristen and Jason

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    Hubby and I honeymooned at COR in 1984! We celebrated our 25th anniversary in October 2009 at CTI and loved it.

    We're going to CSA this summer to celebrate my 50th and after raving about the Couples experience we now have another couple joining us.

    We did stay at the "R" resort next door to CN this past summer as we had our son with us-doesn't come close to what Couples has to offer...but the Negril beach is breathtaking-pure white, powdery sand and those sunsets!

    Now back to your question-June or October weather-it's all relative you're in Jamaica and you're on vacation-it was hot and humid in June in Negril but that was expected-October in Ocho I thought was a little cooler than expected but still humid-ocean water was warm but I found the pools to be a little chilly? Also I worry about hurricanes in October-rates are cheaper but I would definitely get travel insurance due to them. Good luck with your choice.

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    We did a split between CN and CSA in 2007 and loved both! check them out! CTI before remodel in 2005 and will now go back to the new CTI in 140 days! Love them all and will do the Trading Places and check out CSS this time!

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    I vote CTI in June, but that is only because I'll be there then

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    We LOVE CSA for the beautiful beach, all of the food choices and the spread out layout of the resort. Given the weather we've been having in the US this year, I wonder if this is a harbinger of things to come during hurricane season.....for just that reason I'd choose June to go to CSA rather than October....and if I did go in October, I'd certainly get the trip insurance!!

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    Go for CSA! You haven't been there and you will be blown away by the beach alone. We have been to both CTI and CSA and I have to say that CSA wins for me big time. It is more resort like, very romantic, laid back, and has the most beautiful beach you will ever see. You will love being able to walk down the beach either way and check out the local flavor. Also, you have many more bar and restaurant choices. CSA all the way!!!! You won't even think about CTI once while you're there. It's awesome.

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