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    Default How long are excursions?

    Hi everyone. Just booked our trip today. Does anyone know how long the excursions are? We are there 4 nights, 5 day including travel. We'd like to do the catamaran cruise, horseback riding and Dunn's River. Wondering how many hours each are, approx, because we do want to spend time just hanging out too!

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    Cat cruises are generally sunset cruises (at least at the Negril resorts). These generally set sail at about 3 pm (depending on time of year) and arrive back at the resort just as the sun sets... about 3 hours.

    Optional excursions depend on distance from resort, how many sites you're visiting, and how much you want to do at each (you can book these as private or semi-private, self-paced tours). I've done waterfall trips from Negril that lasted all day.

    It really depends on what you want to do.

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