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    Default Help! What time were you married?

    I am having trouble deciding if we should be married at 11 am or 3 or 4 pm? For people that have gotten married at the 4 pm time slot is the sun starting to go down yet? As beautiful as the sunsets are I really wanted blue skies and blue water...the reason I steering away from the 11 am wedding is b/c we have about 20 to 30 wedding guest and my mom is wondering what people are going to do after we get married and made the comment people will have to get ready twice that day b/c I was planning a dinner at the one of the restaurants for later that evening...can anyone give me some advice on what they have done...and for anyone that has had large parties traveling with them how their day went...thank you in advance!!!

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    Hi. We had an 11 am wedding time at CSA. Like you, we wanted the bright sunshine and blue blue water (for great photos too). I also worried about our guests (14 of them) having to get ready twice. It wasn't a problem.
    After the ceremony we went to the garden for a short reception with the cake and champagne. Then we went back to the beach for photos (we had outside vendors Paula and Damian). After photos with guests they were free to go and do as they pleased while we took more photos. They went and changed, got drinks and lunch.
    We all met back at the beach at 3:00 for the cat cruise. Everyone really enjoyed that. We changed into "just married" tanks over bathing suits. We were back to the resort in time for sunset (about 5:00 in Jan) and took some more (casual!) photos (our photographers came with us on the cat cruise).
    Then everyone went and got ready for dinner. No one minded at all getting ready twice. Some wore the same outfit as earlier. Some men put on a fresh shirt. Some changed entirely. It was hot, so it was nice not to be all dressed up for too long. We wore our wedding clothes again. After dinner some of us went to the bonfire on the beach (not sure if they still have that). It was a long but perfect day.
    We loved that our wedding was all day, but casual for most of it. Our guests still talk about it being the best wedding they've ever gone to. Of course WE think so!
    Do what works best for you, but if that's a morning wedding, don't fret. It will be amazing either way!

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    We were married @4pm in Feb 2009. It was perfect timing, the ceremony and pics were finished around 6pm when the sun was setting. Then off to the Martini Bar to celebrate, great fun.

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    We were marriedat some point between 4:30-6pm. It was suppose to be at sunset, but there were two factors. The sun sets earlier in the fall, and there is no DST, and it rained like nobody's business. I did notice that on the days the skies were clear, 4pm was gorgeous, no problem, but on the days rain was expected, the mornings were clearest.

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    I chose the 11 am slot, and was very happy with it. It was hot, but breezy on the beach, and we lucked out, because it started raining right when we finished taking our pics and then stormed (pouring rain and lightening) for 3 hours after. Our pictures were beautiful!

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    We chose 11:00 also. We had the whole day to celebrate...time at the pool bar with our new friends, lunch in our wedding attire, swimsuits and the beach bar, a champagne sunset cruise, a special dinner (we got married on "lobster night" so just had a reservation that our wedding coordinator put in so we got our choice of times)followed by dancing with the band at the bar. Perfect!

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    We picked the 10am spot at CN and it was wonderful! You get up, get beautiful, enjoy the marriage ceremony and mini-reception after with the cake and champagne, take photos, and then you're on the beach at 1pm soaking up the sun! It's so relaxing and wonderful. If I had been married at 3 or 4pm, I would have been a bit stressed the entire day about the weather and also about how much sun I was getting, etc.

    We found the sun and water to be gorgeous for 11am photo taking. We were also happy with our early time because it was quite windy the week we were there and by noon, the wind had really picked up. It would have been way too windy to be on the beach on our wedding day for photos had we booked a 3 or 4pm time.

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    we originally chose 4 for ours then changed it to 10am. sooooo happy we did. had to wake up early but we found the water to be better for pix in the morning plus its not as hot. our pix came out great and the water was really blue in the pictures. after that we had the whole day to relax and we went eat at a nice restaurant that night. very satisfied on the 10am wedding. i dont know if i could have enjoyed my day knowing that i had to get ready and do all that later in the day. we were on tower isle so the sunset is not as pretty as negril i hear so the time was perfect for us.

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    We got married at 4pm. LOVED it! I relaxed in the morning, leisurely breakfast and time on the beach. After lunch, I headed to the salon (1:30pm - although 1/2 extra would have been perfect so I suggest 1pm for your appointment), then back to my room at 3pm....on the beach at 4pm! We had hired an outside photographer so we had her for 2hrs for photoshoot...the water was still blue during the ceremony...the sun bright & shining....then we went and had cake in the garden. We had pics done throughout the resort and then on the beach for sunset and the dark midnight sky. We had the best of both worlds. However, if you are using the resort photographer, you may not get that lucky if he/she only spends 1 hr with you. Regardless of that, I would not change that time slot for anything, as we went for drinks & dinner at Feathers and out dancing at the Martini bar! Perfect, stress free day! Good luck!

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    Miasma- you just had a nov wedding right? I'm having the same this year and I'm concerned that our 4pm time slot was too late! How did your photo's turn out? did you post them and I haven't seen them? Slightly concerned that I don't how the photos will turn out??

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    Hi Sarah....let me know if you are able to see these on my Facebook link! Remember when viewing them we had our photographer from 3:30 in my room thru the ceremony at 4pm (on beach), 4:30 - 5:30 (in garden for cake and throughout the resort for some really great shots) and ending at approx 5:45 (back on the beach for the last shots just after the sun set). We used Stacey Clarke and she was excellent in every way!

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    our wedding was at CN on 7/15/10 and was very similar to jamaicamecrazy's.

    our wedding was at 10a. we had cake/champaign, took some group shots on the beach which was HOT. then the 2 of us ran off for more pics.

    We met our group (12pp total) back at the Terrace. they had a large table set up for us. I changed into my "wedding party dress" after i trashed it in ocean for pics.

    then most our guest went to the beach, while others took a nap (wish we did). And we all met back up at 3p for the Cat Cruise which was amazingly fun! we also wore our just married tshirts.

    When we returned we planned on the dinner at the bonfire beach party but it got rained out. I put my wedding party dress back on & most of us had dinner together at the Helicona resturant.

    It was still raining when we left (which felt like midnight), we were EXHAUSTED and went to bed. Guess shortly after we left, the rain stopped and they started the bonfire (bummed we missed it)

    Our day was still perfect, and i wouldn't have changed anything (except maybe the weather that night...)

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    Our vow renewal was at 12noon on 12/20/08, I remember having sweat pouring down my back! But the sunshine and blue waters were perfect!

    Tammie & Mike
    CSS Mar'12/CSA Nov '12/CSA Dec '13/CSA Feb '15

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