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    Default CN's Au Natural Beach

    This post is not designed to sell the concept of nude sunbathing but rather provide the experiences that have been had while on the nude beach at CN.

    CN's nude beach is located on the southern edge of the resort next to the Grand Lido Resort and off the end of building #9. It is a designated NUDE ONLY beach and its beach shoreline is open to the public.
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    What to expect
    No matter what your weight or looks you will find that NO ONE CARES! Everyone is there with thier loved one to share the experience. You won't be propositioned or hit upon by others. You won't see or find open displays of sex on the beach. Actually it is prohibited.
    You won't find nude volleyball or other social activities taking place. It is more a private experience with the occasional meet n greet at the bar or in the water.

    What will you see?
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    Besides the ocean you will see people walking the shoreline from other resorts and yes you may even experience the occasional GAWKER.
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    What to bring?
    Bring plenty of sun tan lotion and apply it often. The Jamaican sun can toast you if you aren't carefull. Bring your towels. Leave your inhibitions behind.

    Good time to go?
    The staff is usually busy cleaning and raking the beach in the morning hours. The bar is staffed around 10 am. Starting about 10 am you will find it starting to become occupied.

    Does it get crowded?
    There is an ample supply of beach chairs scattered about to provide you ample privacy. You can easily move your chairs to any location you desire for your privacy or desired location. As to it becoming crowded I have yet to see it elbow to elbow but I have seen it when all chairs were occupied and then there was still plenty of room left open.

    Will I see PDA? (public displays of affection)
    It is an all adult resort. As I stated you will not see sexual displays on the beach. It simply is not allowed.

    Have questions or concerns?
    Ask away. Those of us who frequent the Au Natural side will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have to help you better understand what you might experience. The intent is to provide you with as much information as possible to give you the best information on the experience. The good and the bad. Since we have had no bad experiences I can't comment there.
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