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Thread: 11/11/11

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    So we are not doing the private dinner thursday night as it is too $$, and we are at all inclusive so we want to eat at the same restaurant that night, and wonder which one will accommodate us, 18 people right now, we are shooting for 20. Any ideas, suggestions? The only for sure thing I heard is feathers wont sit more then 6 so that restaurant is out. I guess I need to email wedding coordinator huh? Well thanks for your time ladies! Can't wait to meet you all and cheer for each of us!

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    Stacie & Scott- I would email Debbie- She's great. Benfoxy have you heard from her yet?
    And yes everything through Debbie is great, she will totally take care of you!!!

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    I emailed Debbie again and she confirmed my spa appointments. We also just booked to have some cold appetizers along with the cake and champagne for immediately after the 11am ceremony. Right now we have 16 people attending but waiting on a few more confirmations. We're at 5 months and counting tomorrow!

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    @benfoxy! Less than 5 months and we will be arriving there on 11/7 so I'm counting down to that too!

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    Ladies, does anyone have info on dress and suit steaming at the resorts? Do they have one on site or do we have to send our garments out? My fiance got his linen suit this past weekend and it will be very wrinkled when we arrive, I'm sure.

    thanks much!

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    @Ben- They have pressing there.. I think you can email Debbie about it too! I tell you she is the queen!~
    I plan on getting my dress pressed when I get down there! It's an additional charge per the website: At the bottom under wedding planning!

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    Ladies only 111 days until the wedding.. who's getting excited???!!!

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    3 Months! I am so excited!

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    80 Days... 75 till we're down there!!! Did everyone see that Debbie isn't the coordinator anymore?? Looks like it's someone named Sharon? She verified everything for me- but I wonder what happened to Debbie?

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    I was wondering the same thing about Debbie... Sharon has been very helpful too!

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    We are getting married 11/11/11 at CTI at 4pm on the beach!!! 65 more days!!!

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    65 days to go!!! Not that I'm counting...

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    1 MONTH! OMG!!!!!!! I am starting to freak out!

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    27 Days till we get married and 22 until we go down!

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    R&R-- how are you now? Still freaking out? Just think in 20 days you will be on the beach! YEA! then in 25 you will be married!!!
    Remember the important things...
    sun screen
    Airline tickets
    Passport (& photo copy in your carry on of passport)
    and finally!
    Oh and in 23 or 26 days we can all meet up and have a drink!

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    I don't get there until 11/9, so 23 days until vacation for me... I have had a packing list on excel for about 3 months now!

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    Also, ANDREW VASSEL is a local photographer that does AMAZING work! Check him out on facebook or! You will not regret hiring him! I get soooo many compliments on our wedding pics!

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