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    Default Penthouse Suite Pictures

    does anyone have any pictures of the penthouse suites that your willing to share. I have been trying to find pictures but cant find any on the net. Thanks in advance Karl.

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    You may want to repost this on the main board, more people read that one.

    If you go to accommodation under CSS Couples has a movie of the main room.
    Irie Mon

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    We have some pictures of D-14 Steve McQueen suite from our recent trip to CSS. The room was very nice, large living room and bedroom each with access to the balcony. We had one and a half bathrooms with the main one have a huge 5x7 shower, but only one sink which seemed a little odd. The balcony was very large amount 8 feet by 25 feet long, we had two chairs and a table, and two lounge chairs and another table. The balcony was not overly private due to the open design of the penthouse suites in D block but it was never a problem. We had a great view of the main beach and main lawn area and really enjoyed staying in the suite. We have been in A and B block in the past, but in our opinion the size of the balcony and room is well worth the little extra compared to the other rooms. Here is a link to our pictures hope this helps.
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    Send us an e-mail to, and we'll send you pictures from our last trip, when we stayed in the Roger Moore penthouse suite.

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    @Karl - you might want to repost this under the Main MB to get more response...
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    You could try looking at the Unofficial Couples Resort Photos group on Flickr.

    I started this group about a year ago to have a place for Couples guests to share their photos.
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    Loved, loved the Steve McQueen!

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    Happy_in_the_Sun: Great pics!!! I LOVE the one of the bird at the pond, near the end of the group. The suite looks wonderful.

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    We definitely loved the Steve McQueen suite with the large balcony. We ordered room service numerous times just to use the balcony and sit there watching all the activity on the resort. I know a lot of people say why bother spending the extra money as you are never in your room but when the room is as nice as that one you find more reasons to stay in the room. Also being on the third floor allowed us to leave the doors open at night so that we could fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean and our favourite pets the tree frogs.
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    Thanks for the post. Amber and I are staying in a penthouse suite 3/6 - 3/12. We didn't mind spending the extra this time and we can't wait to have a nice, big balcony.

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