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    Silly question I know what with room service etc at CSS but is there a kettle in the room as well as the coffee maker?

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    We were just at CSS and I remember the coffee pot, but not a tea kettle. You may need to call room service and they will kindly bring you all the hot water and a selection of teas!

    Happy travels!

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    Nope - just the coffee maker.

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    We had a kettle in our room. The selection of tea bags was somewhat disappointing, however, so take some from breakfast back to your room if you want tea.
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    Yes, There was a kettle in the beachfront Suite when we stayed there in 2009...not sure about the other rooms.

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    I am also a tea drinker. We have been to CSS twice and have not had a kettle in the room. I just wait until we get to breakfast for my tea.

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    When we were there 2 years ago there was just a coffee maker.

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