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    Default Dunns River Falls

    We are going to CTI on Saturday for a week. One of the inclusions is Dunns River and we're thinking about doing it. Just curious though: hubby isn't a swimmer .. is that a prerequisite or can you do it and not be a swimmer? As well, my knees aren't that great -- is it really strenuous or just a lot of fun? Thanks -- three days til we leave. :-)

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    No swimming is required, just hard walking. If you have water shoes and a money case you will want to bring them. You will be wet from head to toe.
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    Here's a pic....
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    Default dunns river

    We've got water shoes. Can you explain 'hard walking'? I'm a little hesitant about slipping. If we 'give up' part way, can you take the stairs I've heard about then, or do you have to start on the stairs if you're not doing the falls themselves. Thanks. :-)

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    As I recall there were a few exit points as you go up but not many so you'll want to consider your knees, it's a pretty steep climb. You go down the stairs and start climbing the falls at the bottom so you'll have to take the stairs back to the top if you decide to get out of the falls. Either way bad knees could prove to be a problem depending how "bad" they are.

    We've done the falls once in our trips to Jamaica and glad we did but wouldn't go out of our way to do it again unless we had friends with us that wanted to go. It's not an absolute must do so if you are having reservations I'd skip.

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    There are stairs, I would say about every 75 to 100 yards. You can get out anytime.

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