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    Default Booking from Ireland/UK

    Hi, We normally book through Virgin Holidays but this year the price is a lot more that we've previously paid. Just wondering how/where others book when travelling from Ireland or UK.

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    We usually ask a number of online agents to quote. Couples UK use Kenwood and they are often cheapest. This year we got the best quote from Tropical Sky. We always haggle! Hope this helps.

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    Hi, we booked with Thomson last year, but actually found Virgin to be cheaper than Thomson this year (but the price has gone up a lot since last year).

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    Kenwood travel, a Google search will find them generally appear very reasonable. We booked with Virgin but then we use Tesco Clubcard vouchers to get a major discount.

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    We went through Thomas Cook (we had to as we had a lot of travel vouchers from them). However, they couldn't find us a holiday for 10 days at a price we wanted and they ended up offering us a holiday from Virgin, which they must be affiliated with in some way. This is our first time booking and we go in February.

    I've heard a lot of bad reviews on Virgin, how did you find travelling with them?

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    Hi there. We have used Virgin, and Kenwood Travel and at the moment are proving the better value with Kenwood a close 2nd. Virgin are playing a game .... I can't believe how much more their prices are. Good luck.

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    Thomson's & Thomas Cook have Couples Resorts. We have used Thomson's - very good, well worth upgrading to their Premium seats. They seem to have less rooms choice that Virgin. The flight times for Thomson are earlier than Virgin, which we see as an advantage. Hope this helps...

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    hi we booked through thomas cook but through our bank travel service & got 10% off brochure price.

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    We've have booked through Thomson this year as we did in 2009.

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    Default travel from uk / ireland


    Thomas cook tropical shores do it, on a charter from Gatwick.

    We are travelling with them in June 2011 to CTI!

    Carolynn x

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    We booked through Thomson last year for June 2011, however looking at the prices now for June they have gone up considerably.

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    For 2010 & 2011 we booked the resort through & the flights direct with Virgin.

    @Amoricksen - On our return flight last year we were "bumped" on to the BA flight back as some of the Virgin cabin crew had reported in ill and they couldn't operate the flight with the original number of passengers. While we didn't have any issues with Virgin flying out or with BA on the way back, we felt that the BA service was not as good as Virgin.

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    Default Booking from Ireland/UK

    We have booked (twice now) diect with Couples for room only and flight direct with Virgin and saved a lot of money. In our opinion Virgin flights are much better albeit more expensive BUT the savings on the room more that outweighed the extra cost - try it!

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    richgem - thanks for the response. I was so worried as almost all the reviews for Virgin where really bad and I was starting to panic. We aren't fussy travellers though so I'm sure we will be ok, but you do worry when all the reviews talk about the uncomfortable flight and seriously bad service. Thanks for putting my mind at ease

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for all the replies..."The Holiday Place" are coming up with the cheapest at the moment just wary of booking with someone we haven't used before as we always book direct with Virgin Holidays.

    Amoricksen...we have travelled with Virgin every year for the past 5/6 years and have never had any problems, we even got a free upgrade from economy to first class on return trip last year!! We have always found the meals and service excellent.

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    Default UK travel company

    web site:

    tel:+44(0)20 7580 7181

    Initially contacted them via email and then dealt on the phone. Good advice from with Couples before making your decision.

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    We usually use Virgin but klike many others found them more expensive this despite being members of the Frequent Virgin club with discount. Found Kenwood travel best.

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    We booked with a company called Best at travel . We got it for about 400 cheaper than booking through Virgin and beleive it or not our flights through them are with Virgin ...Go figure

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