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    CSA has some amazing staff, here are a few that really stood out

    Ricardo - Patois bar, he is the most genuine, friendly, attentive barman ever, cant wait to go back and see him again

    Shereika - Wedding co-ordinator did us proud, gave us the dream wedding

    Chevel - Bamboo bar, she was friendly and beamed a huge smile every day she saw us

    Kurt - Bamboo bar, great guy and took every opportunity to engage in a thorough conversation with everyone, aswell as being very attentive

    Renae - Palms restaurant was just addorable, nothing was too much to ask her for and she was professional and courteous at all times, she is an credit to Couples

    Teressa - Entertainment and activities, such a pleasant and friendly person, always made time to make you feel at home

    Teressa - Bamboo bar & Patois restaurant had the most amazing smile and energy to her work

    O`neal - Entertainment and activities was great getting everyone involved and always remembered us when he seen us

    Cecile - photography did some amazing photos for our wedding and was extremely pleasant too

    Emeil - Front desk, he did everything to find us the perfect room and nothing was too much to ask of him, even when he checked us out he was a joy to talk to

    These are just a few but most of the staff were amazing

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    Default Lij

    Is Lij still at CSS? He was great!
    Andy & Meredith

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    Andy - we were told that Lij is no longer there but at a hotel in Kingston.


    Can any one tell me if any of this staff is still at CSS??

    Martin "Smitty" Smith - "bellhop"
    Keston - wait staff/food services
    Barrington - water sports
    Francine, Easton, Jason - bar staff
    Ridley - photographer
    Maureen and Keneshia - wait staff/food services
    Michelle, Shellian, Kaydian, Miguel - guest entertainment


    KruznSusan and Stan
    CSS - April 2010
    CSS - April 2011

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    Eduardo, ...CSA, ...see ya Saturday!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default So amazing!

    I want to thank everyone at CTI for making our time there so wonderful.Mike and I were married there on Aug.19th 2010.Our baby boy that we are expecting on May 23rd was concieved during our time there.So naturally we are naming him KingstonI can't believe how amazing everyone was there.Always a smile everywhere you look.Love all of you for making it the best week of our lives,can't wait to get back it's totally worth the 22 hours it takes to get there.

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    Default Staff makes Couples home

    I had read so much about how the staff at Couples really makes your trip and after just returning from CTI last week (3/27 - 4/1) I am in complete agreement!

    First of all - Byron is the man! He greeted us right when we got off the bus and kept in touch with us the rest of our trip - always just making sure everything was going great for us and just making us LAUGH!

    The bartenders Ryan, Pasagna and Romaine were AMAZING! They sure know how to show you a good time! Again, we had so many laughs with them! They were always in great spirits even when we were keeping them late at the Piano Bar! I can't say enough great things about these guys!!!

    Also, Kadian really showed us some great night life. We enjoyed some great Karoake and an awesome trip to Margaritaville!!! Also - I wish I knew the Piano Man's name - we just LOVED him! I never knew I would have so much fun at a Sing-a-long!!!

    Finally, Dylan would give us unbelievable rides out on the Hobie Cat - I never knew those things could cook like that!!! He really put in the work to give us a great ride!

    I was truly amazed at how all the staff members remembered my boyfriend and my names! They did better than us and we had the help of name tags! I loved going to get breakfast every morning and hearing one of the staff members call out my name! The staff is what makes Couples feel like home!!!

    Thanks so much for an amazing week! I can't wait to come back!

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    Default A HUGE thanks to Franklin, Ivy, Omar and Tennyson

    To our family away from home,

    We love and miss you. It has been three weeks since we were in Couples Negril for our tenth year in a row, and it already feels like a lifetime.
    Franklin and Ivy, thank you for being such super bartenders amd friends during the day, and Omar and Tennyson - what a pair you make in the evenings.
    We understand that while we are on vacation, you all are actually working. But you do it with such kindness, openess, happiness, and friendship that we are so blessed to have you all as friends for a week each year. The memories keep us going until the next year rolls around and we get another chance to come visit with you all.

    D and D
    PS: Also say hi to Yanik and Clinton!

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    Default Tower Isle Scuba Staff

    My shout out goes to the scuba staff, Collin, Douglas,'Rasta", Tiger and young Peter who was in training while we were there 2 - 9 April 2011.

    As Instructors on and off the boat, Collin, Doug and Rasta are patient and considerate - no matter what your skill and confidence levels may be...I spent considerable time listening to them instruct, and while I am not fully conversant with all things scuba, I am trained as a teacher/instructor - and was impressed with their skills in that area.

    As much as I admired their attention to safety, spending time with them on the boat was a vacation within a vacation. Lots of fun and laughs, especially from Collin - who is a true 'character'. Hope they are all well compensated for what they bring to the resort, guests are guaranteed a great outing.

    Mr. Don

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    Default CTI shout out

    A quick shout out to my man Kemar at CTI. He was still in training during our trip (3/23-3/30) but he will be a great addition to the full time crew. Amazingly smart and a great conversationalist, he helped ease my final day at the resort by holding his own in a half hour conversation which ran the gamut from Mayan prophecy to string theory and quantum physics! Can't wait to see him again next January.

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    Default Entire Couples Negril Staff Great Job!!!

    Thank you to the entire staff at Couples Negril for making our vacation one to rememember.

    Thanks to Franklyn! We Love you! Awesome job at the pool bar!

    Lindon - Great job! Remember wear your glasses so we recognize you

    Deston at Guest Relations you do great and our so personable. A true gem for the property. You always made us smile.

    Return dinner great job to the entire staff and thanks for having us. We truly enjoyed our visit with HR Manager during dinner

    Let's not forget the fun with the Tie Dye lady! Great job!

    We will be back just wish it was now! Keep on Smiling staff!

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    Default Csa staff are the best!!!

    I cannot say enough wonderful things abouth the staff at CSA!!! They are amazing people and made our vacation so so special!!!!
    I have been meaning to do this post for a bit now... We were there from 19/03/11-26/03/11 and we were truly swept away!!! Everything was so incredible!!! Toni-Ann at the Palms was our girl!!! She even reserved tables for us and made sure we were in her section! Even on beach night with other guests who we had made friends with during the week! She really looked after us! We loved sitting around and talking to the staff and shared some really good stories and laughs with them... Orion, Dorris, Kalvin, Tabitha, Stephanie and I have to say I could name them all because they were all so wonderful! Susan at Patois one morning I complemented her flower in her hair and she returned with one for me! So many of the staff did things like this for us!!! And then the bartenders... always a good time with so many of them! And so many knew what I liked and would just make me drinks! Robert, Fraser, Clau, Damion, Romaine, and our two boys upstairs!!! Ricardo and Peter!!!! We loved sitting up there with them, shutting the place down and just chatting and dancing and hanging out!!! And they made some pretty awesome drinks! Something so special was we actually got engaged down there! My boyfriend, and now fiancée proposed to me on our trip!!!! We had a private beach dinner (so worth it!) and it was sooooo romantic and everything was wonderful! At the end of the dinner the desert came and the waitress (I am sorry I forget her name) brought me roses and a card written from my boyfriend and then she uncovered the desert and written in chocolate around the bowl was WILL YOU MARRY ME!?!?! He got to one knee in the sand and pulled out the ring and I said YES!!! It was so special!!! Cecil our photographer really captured the moment and we cannot thank him enough for the photos! He was awesome!
    I cannot say enough good things about the resort!!! EVERYTHING was outstanding!!! The beach, the food the drinks, the rooms and the STAFF!!!! The staff are absolutely the best!!! Truly wonderful people and made our trip so special!!! And made our engagment so special!!! They were so excited for us! It was like we were telling all of our friends!!! So many of the staff knew us as the engaged couple and I wish I could remeber everyones name because really everyone was so incredible! Thank you so much CSA for making our vacation so perfect!!! I cannot wait to go back!!!
    Oh almost forgot...the activity guys!!! Teresa, Skippy and ohhh I forget...starts with a T...anyway sorry so long but it was just that special and everyone was just that wonderful!!!!
    And I cannot forget the cleaning staff and the gardners who kept the grounds looking so wonderful!

    THANK YOU!!!!! ~Jocelyn & Brian (The Engaged Couple!)

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    Default Shoutouts to several staff at CTI

    We were at CTI April 2nd through April 9th, 2011 and met some INCREDICBLE staff members! The entire entertainment staff (Matthew, Brenton, Garicia and Kady) are just too good! They definately made sure we had fun during our week and always had more than 1 smile for us! We felt like they went out of our way to make us enjoy every minute at CTI. Without some drinks in us, Brenton, Linda and I would have really given you a run for your money at ping pong! Also, Pearson went above and beyond to make sure we were relaxed and enjoying ourselves! He is a good person and always had a smile and a hug for us! Dewayne from watersports, unfortunately, wasn't able to take us out on that sailboat ride, but we will find him on our next trip and make sure he is working on the beach to take us on that trip! He was so friendly! Also, our waiter in 8 Rivers, Garfield (who will probably never want to see us again as I think we were a "challenge" for him) made our back to back dining experiences in 8 Rivers extra special! He was able to make our every wish come true and made our dinner taste even more incredible that I think the chef thought was possible! Also, the entire bartending staff went above and beyond to allow us to try different (and unusual) drinks during our stay. They were knowledgeable and friendly.

    From our check in to our check out, we had the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation. A big reason for that was the staff mentioned above. Thank you all so much for making us feel special.

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    Default Staff makes couples what is ti:)

    Just returned from our 5th trip to CSA and I am always so amazed at the staff's ability to remember you from year to year after all it is not as thought you are the only ones that come each year. I told the HR director Jackie at the repeater dinner that the Staff is what make the resort so great a place to come home to each year.
    Here are a few of our personal favorites at CSA

    First and formost our wonderful O'Neil who remembers us each year and we were there on his first day back in 2008. He is just so much fun and we also really love Tenesha as well.

    Chris Anderson the manager of the host team at the Palms is so great you can not look at him with out smiling he is just so sweet and WHAT a personality

    Romaine in the Pool bar I want some of what he takes I can not believe he is 37 years old he barely looks 21 and he is sooooo much fun. Also in the Sunset bar there is Clau and the new guy Travine

    The housekeeping staff is always phenomenal and this year our girl was Michelle and she was so nice and took great care of us.

    REally everyone form the watersport brother to the nice guy that rake the gardens infront of our beachfront each morning they are awesome.

    So sad to be home and missing all our great friends at CSA

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    Default Staff Shout Outs

    We visited CTI from April 2 - 9. This was our 1st trip to Jamaica and CTI. I want to personally thank the following staff members for making our trip a wonderful experience:

    Matthew, Brenton & Kady - Thank for teaching us dance moves and helping us

    Delan in water sports - Thank you for taking us on the glass bottom boat ride, the twilight boat ride, the flag, sailing and snorkeling. We hope to see you in two years. You are awesome!

    Woody - Thank you for the wonderful boat ride.

    Steve - Thank you for snorkeling with us

    Thank you to the gardner for teaching us about the trees and plants

    Thank you to Keneesha and Teneesha for the wonderful drinks

    We hope that Kemar is now working for Couples. He is a very bright young man and kept us happy with the special of the day.

    There are many other staff people that made our vacation complete that include restaurant servers, cooks, and housekeeping.

    Tami & Brian
    Noelle & Jody
    Tina & Eric

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    Default Kudos to pastry chef, George!

    We just returned from a fantastic vacation at Couples Negril. The staff were all so great that we can't single anyone out, but....................pastry chef, George Burton, you rock!!! Oh for another one of those breakfast pastries or one of your delicious desserts. We didn't have one we didn't like. Thanks again for getting me the recipe for Pumpkin, chicken soup. I will be making it the first chance I get.

    Barry & Kathy

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    Default CSS Shout Outs

    We have just recently returned from our first trip to CSS in mid-April. It was an awsome resort. I think if I looked up the word "service" in Webster's dictionary it might say "Couples Sans Souci".
    Every interaction we had with staff the entire week was positive. However, there were certain people we remember as making our vacation extra special, so here goes:

    Kaydan (pronounced Kadyanne), the entertainment coordinator, gave us the resort tour and talked to us whenever we saw her during the week. Super nice and very personable.

    Colleen in housekeeping did a superior job of keeping our room clean. We would leave the room for a short time and come back to find it had been cleaned or straightened like magic.

    Carlan at the beach bar is great. When we arrived the first day he made sure we got restaurant service right at the bar immediately when we asked about how to order food from the beach grill. Also a great bartender, by the way.

    Frankie the bellman was one of the first staff we met. Great guy to get you to your room and make sure everything is no problem mon.

    Christina, waitress at the Palazzina was excellent.

    Melesia, who I think did drink re-fills, etc, was excellent and a real personality. Please promote her soon.

    Edgar, the multi-tasking omelete guy, was awesome. You have to see this guy in action to appreciate him. Great service in his other roles at the resort too.

    Patrick, in watersports, was my instructor and guide for the resort course scuba dive. He was very good and I felt safe going into the deep with him as my instructor for my very first dive.

    All other staff at Couples San Souci were great. Thanks for making our stay so wonderful!

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    We returned home Friday, 29/04/2011 from a FANTASTIC vacation at Couples Negril! We'd like to give our compliements to the entire staff at the resort. While we don't have many names specifically, we'd like to shout out everyone from the maintenance staff, administrative staff, kitchen staff & housekeeping - Marcia (I believe she cleaned our room 4309).

    The fellas at the Water Sports hut - England, Omar & Jovane were great to talk to and gave us great lessons in all of the water sports! Special thanks goes to England and Jovane as they helped me to attempt wind surfing while I fell off the board at least four times. Carlos, Nana, and Angelica were great entertainers and hard workers and we really appreciated their presence. When you guys come to Chicago, look us up! My wife would like to especially thank Yannick for keeping her glass full & introducing her to Paradise Passion drinks & the Bob Marley shots! The ladies at the spa treated us royally during our massage at the Treehouse Massage Hut.

    We had the best time of our lives this past week & can't wait to return!

    Marlo & Kenya
    Chicagoland, Illinois

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    Thank you Couple Negril!!

    My husband and I had an amazing time at Couples Negril. The staff was more than helpful and extremely friendly. Here are a few staff members who made our trip one of a kind.

    Carlos, Angelica, Marti, and Ava- Thank you for keeping us entertained 24/7. You all were the best and our new friends for life!! Cant wait to see you next year.
    Odainne, Ivy, Franklin and Tennyson- Thank you for keeping our drinks refilled, amazing service, and for remembering what we drink.
    Shannia- Our housekeeper who was more than attentive and made our room look amazing every day!!
    Burch- The security guard who let me know that he is there for our safety...what a super nice guy!!
    Jovan- Worked in watersports and is SO funny!! He always put a huge smile on our face!!

    Thank you all so much for making our Jamaica trip top notch! Thanks to all of you...we will be back next year!!

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    Shout outs from April 24 - May 1, 2011:

    Steve @ Couples Lounge MBJ
    Yannick, Ivalyn and Franklin @ the bars
    Ada and Carlos in activities
    Donna in Houskeeping

    Finally, Suzanne Issa who we met there and who was so friendly to us and to everyone else she met at her beautiful resort.

    Thank you all so much for making our stay the most memorable of all of our travels!

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    Wow .....SOOO MANY!!
    At CN.... Katian and Tanya super waitdress
    And Brian ,manger over the water sports.....super guy!!
    Keisha at the desk, cute little trainee...all of the grounds crew, they keep the place looking so great!!
    Last but not least....Suesanne our house keeper.....I think we apprecatied her more than anyone.

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    I can only comment on CSA, in 4 weeks we will be there on our 3rd trip. Firstly every member of staff needs to be mentioned for the great work and pride they have in their job. The best way to explain it is they dont seem to be working. They just seem to be there as part of a family. Imagine your visiting friends and staying at their house for a while and nothing is to much trouble to make sure you have a good time, thats CSA.
    Here are a few that need a special mention.
    Shellyann - This lady is so special to us. She is one of the managers and sorts out everything before we even get there. Each year I contact Shellyann to arrange gifts for my wifes Birthday and our Anniversary. And every year without fail everything is ready and waiting when we arrive. Shellyann you are blessing to CSA.
    O'niel, Skippy, Garett and Cardo AKA Bones - These guys also need a special mention not just for beieng staff members but for being such good friends. These guys make going back to CSA like going home. Each year we get the feeling we are returning home and not just going on holiday. Thats the thing about Couples, you become part of a family. You dont just go on holidays you go back to see your friends and family.
    So apart from those mentioned, our Staff Shout Out goes to everyone in the Couples family.

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    Just returned from CN on Sunday, was the best vacation of our life, I'd like to commend a few staff members that made our stay spectacular and made us feel welcome, they are Nellie, Angelica, Carlos, Nana and Ivylin

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    Just sitting at dinner tonight thinking about how we will be back home to CTI in 25 days!!! We then started thinking about our warm welcome greeting we always received from Byron at the front. He always made my morning/day/evening when he greeted us. We had the villa out in the courtyard area, so we were passing him frequently. It was always great to see his smiling face and his greeting! Can't wait to great him again in 25 days!

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    Coming home to CN for trip 7 in April; is Herbert still working at the resort (bell man)? Thanks

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    Default Our Shout Outs :)

    Shout out to Oneil!! You were the first one to come up and welcome us and you talked Issac into doing the talent show & helping us get a reservation on the sunset cruise and shout out to Natasha and all the guys at the swim up bar that talked Issac (Ozzy is what they called him lol) into taking a Bob Marley shot lol and to the captain of the snorkeling and glass bottom boat (forgot his name..sorry! you are so funny! and to are awesome! we miss everyone already! We absolutely loved everyone that works at Couples Swept Away..thanks for making it feel like our home away from home

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