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    Default CSA patois patio


    Will be back at CSA at the end of the month and I was just wondering if Patois Patio required a reservation?
    Last time we were there it was not required but there was some mention of that a few months back.

    thanks Allison

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    We were there in November and no reservation was required.

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    no you will not ..

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    I think that was only during the very slow season. We did not have to make a reservation in Oct and it only gets busier between then and now.

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    We were at CN a month ago and you don't need reservations for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It was our favourite restaurant! Check out the resort dining options on their website.

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    Oops...if I said CN, of course I meant CSA!!

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    No reservations required.
    See you there! (we're arriving on 1/29!)

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    Default Patois

    When my wife and I were there in September, the oy place that was reservation only was Feathers.
    We were able to walk up to patois with another couple and be seated right away for dinner.

    Breakfast never required reservations and if you want banana stuft French toast it's the place to go!

    Have fun and safe travels!

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    I read that as well, it seems that for a while they were taking reservations...maybe during the lower occupancy period? We were there in October and they were back to not requiring reservations and I haven't read any mention of it since.

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    No, no reservations, unless they have changed that in the last month.

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