We were at CN 12/3-12/10. We took TimAir to the resort for the first time. We loved it. We probably didn't save much time but the view from the air was fantastic. We planned on walking from the airstrip but a cabbie insisted on driving us, no charge. Said we shouldn't have to walk on our vacation.

Check in was quick. I wanted an upgrade because we had booked a Garden Deluxe and I wanted to be closer to nude beach. We hang out there and I had a recent minor injury and didn't want to walk too much. I made it clear I was willing to pay but was told the resort was full that night-next night was not and they would move us if we wanted to. Our room wasn't ready so we grabbed some towels and headed to the AN beach, stripped down and got wet.

Went back to desk a few hours later and our room was ready. Quick walk and we were at bldg 7, floor 2. Complimentary upgrade. We had a beautiful partial ocean view and only had to climb to 2nd floor. Thank you couples. The room was great in every way. There was a lot of road noise at night but if we shut the bathroom shutters and turned on the air, it was AOK. And after the 2nd night, we didn't notice anyway. The location was exactly perfect for us.

Mostly, the staff was fantastic. I am terrible with names, but the woman that cleaned our room was wonderful. She came at the same time every day and did a great job.
Most of the bartenders were great. There were a few that were scowly--maybe they were having a bad day. We just moved to a different bar. Additionally, nearly every staff member had a friendly greeting and a smile for us wherever we went.

Also, we met a lot of nice people from all over. I am very shy and my husband is very outgoing so he met more than I did but I met more this time than I ever have.

We had to ask for our repeater items and our resort credits but we got them immediately. When we checked out (a breeze) we were given our $100 check for being at passionate level.

The AN beach was fun. Quiet for the most part but full of friendly people. The ocean was wild-whitecaps. It was a blast to play in the waves. Security was very good on the beach and people who didn't comply were asked to leave. Gawkers were moved along fairly quickly. There were some people there without spouses but no one was bothered by it. Everyone seemed respectful of each other's space.

A couple of things we wish they would address.

First, the buffet food all looked good but was never warm. From breakfast to supper, it was consistently cold. There are a lot of purposely cold options so we didn't starve but I wish the food was hot so I could see how it tasted.

Second, it was very tiresome that the bars were often 'out' of supplies, including limes, grey goose, bombay sapphire, bloody mary mix, tomato juice, olive juice, olives...We did enjoy the tropical drinks at all the bars, our favorite remains the jamaican delight but my husband tried the dirty banana and was hooked. But in the evening, we don't like to drink the sweet drinks and it was discouraging when the piano bar or main bar was 'out' of the primary supplies when they had just opened.

So anyway, we are Couples loyalists. This was our 7th trip and we are booked for next December so apparently we enjoyed this trip a lot. It was very relaxing laying on the beach all day and reading, sunning, swimming in the ocean and talking to other naked people

I'd like to thank Couples, the staff, the guests and my husband for a great vacation. I (we) can't wait to go back.