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    Default January 2011 Photo Contest

    Entries for the January 2011 Photo Contest are now accepted. Good Luck!

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    Default CSS has been the greatest vacation ever!

    First picture is Stairway to Heaven, I mean the CSS Spa. Well, is there a difference?

    Second picture: The sunset over the pond at CSS was amazing and how it reflected in the pond was just beautiful. I am so glad I was able to capture this beautiful moment

    Third picture: It was so peaceful at CSS in the very early morning hours. I had to slip out of bed to enjoy the serenity that God had to offer that morning!
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    Our family @ Couples in December
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    1. Love the shade provided by mother nature
    2. Bye-Bye Jamaica :-(
    3.Your choice, pool or ocean !!
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    1. Sunset-Cruise
    2. Beach at CSA
    3. I Love Jamaica!!!
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    Give everyday the chance, to get the best day in your life

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    Default Sara and Randy Xmas at Tower Isle!

    Happy Holidays from the Piano Bar in Couples Tower. Thank you for making our holiday season memorable and romantic. Cheers to 2011.
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    These pictures were taken on my honeymoon back in August.
    1) The sun on our last day at Swept Away after a minor rain shower. My husband and I watched that pirate ship every day when we would hang at the swim up bar.

    2) The sunset on our first night at Sans Souci. That's the view from the restaurant.

    3) The sunset view from our room at Sans Souci which was right on the beach.
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    Default Couples Tower Isle

    We had so much fun!
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    Default January photo contest

    1st CSA sunset melting in Christmas night sky..........priceless!
    2nd Sadly leaving CSA "from the air" still beautiful memories!
    3rd Love renewed.......sealed with a kiss!
    Thanks Couples!!!
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    Default CTI Beauty

    Visited CTI Dec 17th - 24th, had a fantastic vacation. Enjoyed the activities and excursions with plenty of opportunity to pause and absorb the spectacular scenery.
    First two photos are what you get with a deluxe oceanview room.

    1. View of Paradise by night.
    2. View of Paradise by day.
    3. Beach interlude, full moon rising.
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    Loving each other as much as we love Couples Swept Away!
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    1 Could we be any happier?
    2 The magnificant view from our room at night
    3 PJ made friends of ALL species
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    Default first timers

    We went to CTI for the first time (and our first trip to Jamaica) August 21-28, 2010. We absolutely fell in love with CTI and even deeper in love with each other. We can't wait to come "home" for our honeymoon!
    1. Our first night in paradise!
    2. The beautiful sunrise that made it even harder to leave on our last morning.
    3. Stunning flowers that greet you in the driveway.
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    Bonnie & Jon

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    Default CN Loving it

    Beautiful waterfall at CN pool
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    Kris and Jamie (after taking a couple of months off)
    CTI (where else?)

    Best seat in the the bar!

    Relaxing evening

    The real reason we keep going back...I mean, there are beaches surrounding the whole island, right?

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    Default Couples Tower Isle

    It was our first time and our honeymoon and couldn't ask for a better experience!

    1) Bayside in the moonlight
    2) The beach before the Monday night beach party
    3) The moon peeking out from the clouds
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    Image 1 - Sunset on the Catamaran cruise at CSA. What a tremendous way to watch the sunset.
    Image 2 - Lunch at Sea Grapes Cafe (CSA). Is there a better spot on earth to enjoy lunch? I don't think so!
    Image 3 - Sunset on 7 mile beach (CSA), the best beach in Jamaica!

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    Default Couples CTI picture contest

    1. The first picture is a view of the moon just next to the main pool bar.

    2. The second picture is another moon view through some palm leaves.

    3. The third picture is a wide angle view from our balcony at CTI.
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    Default Christmas at Couples Negril with Island Santa

    We visited Couples Negril for Christmas (12/18 - 12/26)Can't wait to return.

    1. Island Santa at the Pool
    2. Sunset at pool before dinner.
    3. Island Santa and Sand Santa on the beach.
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    Default Holiday Memories

    1. The most romantic Christmas ever!
    2. The look of love. I cannot believe this is our picture!
    3. Amazing vacation
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    Default Beautiful CTI

    Pic 1 = amazing steel drum band for Monday night's entertainment.
    Pic 2 = Rum Punch...there is no better way to start off a week in paradise!
    Pic 3 = Wife's favorite part about CTI.....Dessert table at the Monday night beach party.
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    Default My Couples Negril

    My Couples Negril
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    Default Couples Sans Souci

    Just got back from 8 days at CSS. An awesome and much needed vacation. Here are my 3 pictures:

    1) This is the main beach at CSS using a tilt-shift technique to make it look like a miniature display.
    2) This was taken just before sunset on the AN beach at CSS
    3) A part of the landscape surrounding the main beach.
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    Even on a rainy day Couples Resorts are still beautiful and well worth the travel!!! You can't complain about the rain or wind when you are in the tropics and it is still 80 outside. So sit back, enjoy the nature and get wet!!!
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    Default The Beauty of CN

    Here's my January entry for the Photo Contest. Looking forward to our "Return to Paradise" in a few months.
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