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    Default Splitting vacation between resorts?

    I've seen it talked about but can't seem to find the actual info. Looking at a 9 day trip in early April. We got married at CN last summer and are also interested in CSS. Your opinions on how many days to spend at each resort? And.. where do I get info on splitting up our vacation between CSS and CN? And... Is this sand flea or misquito time of the year? Thanks

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    Default CN/CSS Split

    Hi Hoosier,

    We did a CN/CSS split last month, and, while we had 14 days (we did a 10/4 split), you could do a 5/4 day split. It's the bare minimum, though, I think. By the time you get into the resort groove, it will be time to transfer.

    You'll essentially waste a full day with the transfer (between packing, waiting for van, and the 3+ hour trip itself). While we transferred at 7:30 am, our room wasn't ready at CSS, so we had to schlep around the beach and resort hauling our carry ons, in street clothes, etc. So, we couldn't UN-pack until late afternoon. I felt like we missed the whole day.

    If you are an active vacationer, always doing something, I say go for it. CSS is beautiful. If you're there to relax and chill, stay at CN for the entire 9 days.

    If booking directly with Couples, they treat each resort as a separate reservation, meaning two down payments, two final payments, etc. There is also the chance you'll miss out on a good sale needing a 7-day minimum at one resort. So, keep an eye out.

    I don't know about the bugs in April, but in December at CN, they ate me up at night in the room, about 30 bites on mostly my arms. Nothing at CSS, though.

    Enjoy your vacation,

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    We are HUGE fans of CN, this summer will be our 7th trip, but we thought it would be fun to see the other side of the island so we booked at CSS. For us, due to the resort credit that was available when I booked, we had to spend 7 nights at one of the resorts. So we are spending 3 nights at CSS and 7 nights at CN.

    I spoke with my TA and she is the one who booked the two resorts for me. My understanding is that when we check in at CSS I have to let them know that we are transfering to CN.

    As for sand fleas, they are around pretty much year round the same with the mosquitos, it is the Caribbean.

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    my husband and I did 7 days in CN and 5 at CTI Feb of 2010...I am glad we stayed at CN longer but really it's up to you. CN is home to us...We booked thru can choose 2 locations and then no transportation needed between the two. When we checked in at CN they simply asked us what time we wanted to leave to go to CTI...that simple.

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