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    Holster - we get in around 2:30pm on US Airways, so we will be right in front of Phil & Doreen. Definitely up for "initiation - part two"! We will look for them either at the Couples Lounge or at check-in at CSS. Tell them to look for Steph & Jeremiah. See you guys and JHS there!!

    Jamaican_Junkie - Nice to see fellow Minnesotans on here. We are from Shakopee. Can't wait to get to Jamaica and Couples. If you've got any inside tips or tricks or want to chat, feel free to email us:

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    Your wife has the exact concerns mine did. Go with an open mind and remember if either one of you don't enjoy SSB you can leave. There are some people (a very small number after they arrive) that are too uncomfortable and leave. I think most that do leave don't because of how they "look" compaired to the other people there, it is just something they are uncomfortable with. I do however recommend giving it a try.

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