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    Default Which CN BF suite do you love?

    We have just booked our third trip home!! HOORAY. The first year we were there we were in building #1 and the second year we were in building #5. We are fans of the beachfront suites and found building 1 to be the better than # 5, view wise. In case they can't accommodate our request for room #1, we'd like to have a second choice to request. Any of you Beachfront Suite lovers out there have a favorite suite you think we should try? Thanks!

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    Our personal favorite is 6301, but it was only available once. We finally stopped booking the beachfront suite and went back to beachfront rooms b/c we were always being placed in a suite in Building 5; every time we've booked a beachfront room, we've been placed in Buildings 6 or 9. I know some people prefer Building 5 b/c of its close proximity to the water sports area, but we spend most of our time on a spot on the beach at the other end of the resort, so Building 5 is the least convenient for us, and Buildings 6 and 9 are the most convenient. We think the view from 6301 is spectacular.
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    Thanks Pamela.. We'll keep our fingers crossed!

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    I love, love, loved room 6101. Usually I like the privacy that accompanies a 2nd story or higher room. The view was amazing and I loved being so close to everything. 2 steps to the beach, the pool, restaurants, ect...
    I feel like the only way I can go back to CN is if I stay in that room. I was definitely spoiled. I'll be checking out CSA in less than a month and we booked a lower category room, so we're not as spoiled this time
    I attached a pic of me standing on the patio. I'm blacked out for a reason....everything else around me was way more gorgeous!!!
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