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    Default red flag service at Tower isle?

    enjoyed the service at CN last year. Does TI have the same service on the beach?
    also the beach at TI looks smaller than the area that runs the length of CN, would that be correct?

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    The CTI beach is smaller, but not more crowded. There is plenty of room and it is closed by rock outcroppings at both ends, thus making it exclusively private. Because of the cove at CN, the water is more like a swimming pool....very calm and wonderful. At CTI, it is more beach like...gentle waves and surf. I have experienced both and will readily tell you that which ever you choose, you will be extremely happy with!!!
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    There is no "flag service" at CTI, but the bartenders do come down to the beach and remove empty glasses and refill drinks. Since the beach is smaller, they can make the rounds pretty quickly without having to focus on just the flags.
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