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    Default What do you do when your luggage doesn't arrive??!!

    Looking for input from travelers that've had this happen! My Daughter and her Fiancee finally (after a horrible travel day) arrived at CN in the middle of the night, about 12 hours late! And of course, their luggage hasn't shown up. (It was on an airline that cancelled their flight out of Milwaukee.) I know CN has a few stores, but any ideas what to do?

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    For the future pack a swim suit and clean underware in your hand luggage. Just in case.

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    Make sure to pack a change of clothes in your carry-on bag. In November this happened to us. We arrived at 11:30 a.m. but our luggage didn't. Luckily, our luggage arrived around 7:00 p.m. We packed clothes for that night so it wasn't that much of an inconvenience. We went to dinner and collected our luggage after that.

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    Plan in advance to be ready for this to happen and pack some clothes and extra items in your carry on problem mon....

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    The best suggestion (for those traveling in the future) is to pack a few items in your carry-on luggage. Travel with clothes that are light enough to be able to enjoy the evening at Couples without being too hot. Swimsuits to be able to enjoy the beach and any meds that are needed.

    The resort has little 'necessary kits' that they will give to you in case your luggage doesn't make it.

    The rooms have blow dryers, shampoo, body wash, etc. so that is taken care of.

    There are also shops at the resort where you can purchase clothes including swimsuits, t-shirts, shorts, and appropriate clothing for night time. There is also a sundries shop where you can get deodorant, hairbrush, toothpaste, toothbrush and stuff like that.

    If you have purchased travel insurance, then keep your receipts and they can be turned into the insurance company for reimbursement.

    Couples really has everything you could need if you arrive without your luggage. The most important thing would be any medications that you might need.

    I would also suggest when packing to 'mix' your clothing between multiple suitcases. Have sets of 'his' and 'hers' in all of the suitcases. This way if one case does not make it you still have clothes.
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    They gave us a toiletry kit and they let us use the laundry service for free until our luggage showed up. It was there by night time.

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    We had the same thing happen once going to CN too. (It wasn't Delta again was it?) Couples is used to this and have a packet they give out with toothbrush, paste, comb ect. to get you freshened up. We also got a Couples t-shirt to change into. The luggage will come on the next flight and Couples will have it delivered to their room. Don't worry, all will be fine. Tell them to buy a new suit at the shop and relax.

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    I don't know about CN, but if you are at CTI, just go out to the clothes needed!!!
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    So sorry to hear this happened to them. We had 1 bag arrive late in Puerto Rico before our cruise. Hopefully theirs will arrive soon, so I wouldn't rush out and buy too much.
    Also, although I would start at the Couples shop, I don't know that the selection of some things is so great. When we were at CSA (in 2008, mind you) I found most of the women's clothes (dresses, shorts, bathing suits) to be for little petite women, and not a whole lot for men in the way of shorts or pants. Certainly lots of t-shirts and wraps though. I would probably get on a shopping trip or get a cab and ask to be dropped where there are clothing stores.

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    In addition to putting a change of clothes in your carry-on, we have gone one step further. We split our week of clothing between our two checked bags so if one shows up late, no big deal.

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    Thanks for all your responses. Their luggage finally showed up at the Montego Bay airport this morning.....3 days later! BUT since they didn't file a missing luggage report.....and they COULDN'T......the airport was CLOSED when they finally got there....they now have to go themselves to the airport to claim their luggage. So..more shuttle rides and wasted time from CN. BUT at least the luggage was found, they still have 2 days left

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    Buy one outfit each at the store at Couples for now and hit the nude beach in the meantime

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    We had the same type of travel day on the 11th, only we were lucky and it was coming home, and not to the resort. I am not sure what we would have done if we were in that position.on the way to the resort. However, like many have already said, we pack a change of clothes, swim wear, and beach shoes along with all of our medications in our carry-on. Then I split the rest of our clothing into the two checked bags, some for each of us in both bags. I don't worry about that on the way home, but always on the way to our destination.

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    Agree with the above- hope you are staying at one of the Couples that has a Nude Beach !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy_Audra View Post
    I don't know about CN, but if you are at CTI, just go out to the clothes needed!!!

    Ahh...Billy...I was counting on you for that answer!

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    go to the AN beach and make the best of the day. Once spent a week in the DR with no luggage, its a pain

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    er, this may be obvious but I would suggest that the AN beach would be an ideal spot! ;-) Sorry to hear of your misfortune! Happy 'holidays'!

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    This is why I only do carryons. You have this happen to you once and it will cure you forever of checking bags.

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    Thanks everyone, it took 3 1/2 days, but their luggage finally showed up! Sure doesn't make alot of sense when you have to PAY to take luggage and that that happens!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiwistle View Post
    what to do?

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