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    Default CSA - Deep Sea Fishing - Watersports Activity?

    I have a watersports Activity Schedule for CSA and it lists Deep Sea Fishing at 6:30am. I have several questions that I'm hoping someone can answer as we will be there in 42 this a daily activity offered? If so, has anyone taken part? Is this part of the all-inclusive in our stay? If not, what is the cost? What types of fish are possible to catch? Thanks in advance to all responders!

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    Default Fishing

    The Deep Sea Fishing is booked through the tour Desk at CSA and is not an included activity. It is about $150 per person for a 4hour Charter. They use "Stanley's Fishing" Charters and a full boat is about $600. I was looking for someone to go out with toward the end of February to help split a boat. I posted on here and in TA but was only able to find one other fellow and we are going to meet up at CSA during our trips and we are going to try get on as "singles" at the $150 price (tour desk indicated that it looks reasonable and that they get other singles together and par them up to make boats of 4 and 5 persons).
    It will not be Billfish Season (no Marlin) but there are Tuna, Wahoo, Barracuda and Mahi (dolphin fish or Dorado) to be caught.
    I love fishing and just getting out on the water is good enough for me, the catching just adds to the fun.
    If you are interested you can msg me in TA and I can give you more details like when I will be at CSA.

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    Default time4usnow

    Thanks for responding! I will show your information to everyone in our group that is going. If interested, I will send you a message on TA. Thanks Again....39 days...

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