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    Default Suggestions for cheap airfare?

    So, we booked to go to CTI in November of next year, and I'm trying to pre-plan as much as I can as far as travel. What I'm interested in, is how much you may have spent on airfare, and where you flew out of.

    We're in Michigan, our closest airport is Detroit-Metro, but if we can get really cheap airfare out of Florida / Georgia, etc, we're willing to consider taking a driving trip to get to the airport.

    Any suggestions?

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    We fly out of Toronto (direct flight) and I look at all the websites I can to see who's got the best deals. Just google 'cheap air' to find some near you.

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    Check Chicago or Indy...not sure what you mean by cheap, but both times we've been to Jamaica in Nov (2009 and 2010) they were about $500 a piece. Just keep checking and jump on a good deal...

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    Hi warren.cple.
    We are also in Michigan...don't you love how cold it is today?? We fly out on Sunday to CAS and booked through a TA.

    The cost for our flights (Delta) was $490 pp with a layover in ATL. We also have great flights meaning they leave DTW at 6:10am and ultimately arrive at Montego Bay before 2pm. Returning, we leave Montego Bay at 2pm and are back in cold DTW at 9pm.

    I hope this helps! Have fun too. We may try CTI in November next year.

    Rod & Misty
    Redford, MI

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    I would play around on and see what comes up.

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    warren.cple I'm also from mich. and going to cti in dec. 2010 and I booked my flights in may or june of this year, and i went thru airtran out of flint. I paid 140. then and the same flights are on sale now for 119. I haven't seen any lower than that. We drive 90 min. but it's well worth the drive and i don't have to deal with det.metro. good luck

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    Go to Travelocity and plug in your dates . You can sign up for fare alerts and compare prices when they drop. I usually will book directly with the airline,but sometimes Travelocity or expedia can be cheaper. Also, they may set you up with different arilines coming and going to meet your time requirements.
    We too are going in November, but I haven't booked Airfare. I'm just (fare)watching.

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    Try, put in your dates and where to fly from, it will search ALL airlines, giving you a list, when you choose your best match, it will redirect you to THEIR own website. Saves a lot of time looking through multiple airlines and you can compare flight times and costs very quickly. We were at CTI last May, you will love it! I want to try CSA and CN next time, but we were so wowed by CTI, I want to go back to visit again there as well. I searched for the "right" place, believe me, Couples shines amongst any other hotel chain out there. Also, by looking at this message board, it will bring you all sorts of info. on what Couples is all about. You get hooked. As I have been back since May, I literally look at this each day. Hoping to get back in May of 2012. Time will go by fast!

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    Try USA 3000. They are Apple charter but anyone can book on line. Super cheap and direct early flight from Chicago.

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    This is the site we use for searching and keeping up with prices for our trips to Jamaica. You can not book through them, but they will have the current prices and schedules for most all airlines. We shop price and schedule then book through the airline direct. We have used them for a couple of years now. Simple and very thorough. Good luck!

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    we also like You can put in your dates, and they will email you when prices go up or down. We've gotten some GREAT deals that way. Just as a comparison, flights out of Orlando on JetBlue are about $260/pp round trip in May.
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    Airtran does have some decent rates and US Airway. Try both of them.

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    We are flying out of Detroit on January 15, 2011 to go to CTI. We have one layover through United and with taxes included cost us $420 round trip. Two years ago we paid about the same but flew US Airways with a layover in Charlotte. The prices fluctuate quick and Delta offers some non stop flights out of DTW to MBJ that can be right around this price range also, but you must catch right at the exact moment they drop and book then.

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    Try Air Tran, we live in VA and are booking a trip for this coming April and it is about $325 per person, they fly right into Montego Bay

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    Sometimes you can get better pricing if you book the flights separately. We usually get our flight there separate from the return and save a bit.

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    Don't fly with US Airways, I don't care how cheep. I was suppose to be at CTI 4 hours ago but I am stuck in Charlotte NC until tomorrow and can't get out of here until 11:30 at the earliest

    Even if it is extra pay it and don't miss a day of paradise.

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    I highly recommend finding your nearest Jet Blue departure. Reasonable prices, excellent on-time records, and very comfortable seating.
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    I live near Flint MI and found Sun Country. They fly out of Lansing and I paid 450 pp for a nonstop roundtrip flight. Its and hour drive for me versus the 1.5 hour drive to DTW.

    Good Luck

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    Default cheap air

    Go on to Trip Advisor, and locate the notifications section. You type in your location and destination, give your email, and they send you frequent notifications of drops in airfare. When I started, it was $400 pp from Baltimore, then 370, then the latest was 330. Its a pretty good update situation I think.

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    Using a travel agent doesn't cost you any extra so if you are looking at such a variety of potential departures I think it would save you a lot of time and effort to find yourself a good travel agent to do the looking for you. Talk to friends or family members to find out if anyone knows of someone they used and liked. If you don't get any names contact your local better business bureau. Maybe the company you or your husband work for uses an agency that will also do personal travel? Lots of ways to find one that is reliable. And again, it doesn't cost you any extra. In fact, we've always used one for our 15 trips even though I enjoy starting to watch the prices on a variety of websites several months before we book just to keep me feeling like it's "time" and she has always at least matched the cheapest price I've seen and often found me a cheaper deal.

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    Not sure if it would really be worth it for you to fly out of FL or GA. Last year we flew out of Tampa with a stop in Miami. I believe it was with US Airways and cost around $400 for 2 tickets. On our way back, both flights were delayed several hours so it turned into a whole day's affair to get from Jamaica to back home in Florida and it was very frustrating.

    This year, we decided it would be worth it to have a direct flight. We're flying direct from Orlando on Jet Blue and it's $550 for 2 people. I can't imagine that the gas and time would still make it worthwhile, unless you're really up for a roadtrip (plus you'd have to pay for long term parking too!).

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