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    Default Anybody get married at CSA just the two ?

    Hello. My question is has anybody just gotten married the two of you? We are in our 40's and we wont have any family or friends there because that is what we want but was it strange just the two of you? Did they still make it special with only two people? Your input will really help me feel less weird about having a wedding of two people.

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    Hi Janeinpenn,

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and choosing CSA as the place to get married. We are also in our 40's and did the same thing at CSS almost 3 years ago. The wedding coordinator at the resort made our wedding feel as special as the couple who were married before us and had a wedding party of 8. In fact, they treated us like family and made us feel more special! Additionally, we met people, following our arrival, who came to our wedding and celebrated with us afterwards. If having your wedding at CSA with just the two of you, and no family, is what you want then go for it!! You won't feel strange one bit and you'll have the weddingmoon of a lifetime.

    Bart & Bug

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    Thank you. Just wasn't sure like after the wedding if they take two people to go cut the cake or take pictures and toast, didnt know if that would be too weird with just two people. We have been to couples two years ago when we celebrated going through nursing school and passing that, so we are ready to become man and wife now.

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    This is not uncommon at all. When we were at CSA last July we saw several wedding with only the bride and groom. Have you chosen a dress yet? Will you wear the traditional type of wedding gown? I'm asking because we're getting married in July and we're in our 40's and I want to wear a tropical color dress (not gown) and was wondering what other 40somethings do.

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    You're welcome. After the ceremony we went over and cut the cake, toast and even had our first dance. We had the resort photograher take pictures and the videographer shoot footage. It was so worth the cost as we came home afterwards, showed off the pictures and video and had a reception with family at that time. Glad to hear that nursing school prepared you to become man and wife (LOL). You're going to have a great weddingmoon there to reflect back on for many years to come. Again, congratulations!!

    Bart & Bug

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    Thanks Bart and Bug. Well being a nurse is not getting us prepared for husband and wife, oops I meant we were celebrating when we were there than and just not ready for the big jump. lol

    Not sure about my wedding dress yet, since I am in my 40s and this is our second I am still thinking I will wear a wedding dress, just think I would regret not wearing one even if its a beach wedding dress, gonna try to find a simple one but with pictures I do want white. =) I think we all deserve to wear white hahahahaha. Cant wait!!!!

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    Default Wedding just the 2 of us

    We were absolutely alone, no friends or family. And we had a great wedding.
    Donīt worry, everythings will be fine.
    Our wedding is just 3 weeks ago at the beach of CSA. If you have further questions, please ask!!
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    Give everyday the chance, to get the best day in your life

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    You're welcome. Nursing could have prepared you to play doctor!(lol) Anyhow, we're sure you'll enjoy the "big jump" at CSA.

    We dressed up but went with color (teal) since it was our second also. I was in white golf slacks and dress shirt and my wife was in a tea length bridesmaid's dress. That with the white beach, green grass and the blue sky backgrounds made for some great pics.

    Best wishes on all your wedding plans!

    Bart & Bug

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    Bart and Bug do you have have any pics to share? We're going with a color for my dress too being that we've both done it before as well.

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    Here's a picture of us in the wedding gazebo at CSS.
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    Hope this helps with the choice of color for your dress!

    Bart & Bug

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    Gorgeous!!! I love it! Thanks

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    Thanks!!! And you're welcome. Hope this helps in making your plans for wedding attire.

    Bart & Bug

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    It was the second time around for both of us and we had both had big weddings before. We just wanted simple and as stress free as possible. We got that and more. It was really the best day and they made us feel special. You made a great choice.

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