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    Default February meet up list

    Not really sure how this all works but I see most every other month has one so I'm starting one. If someone who is more computer savvy than me wants to run with it then go ahead but here is our info, please add to the list.

    kevin and karen (kevinm) Omaha NE 2-12-11 - 2-19-11, islanders

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    Hello Kevin..

    I will not be running with it, I am not good with that stuff, is the

    Heather & Ron ( IslandBliss & Captain Ron) 2/11/11-2/19-11

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    We are there Feb 23 to March 4. Iscubanow47-Jeff & Tchrmom01-Susan.

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    What time is your flight on the 19th? I think ours is around 3PM or so.

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    we are feb 25-march 7. - wedding cti feb 28 -craig & jamie

    peace & LOVE
    Jamie and Craig

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    Hey Kevin, we got some sweet flight times.. We arrive on the 11th at 9:45am and depart on the 19th at 7pm. Both ways Direct, little under a 4hr flight for us. Air Jamaica brought back these flight times, now if only they would bring them back coming out of Boston. See you real soon!

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    That is sweet you almost get a whole extra day. We should be at resort between 4:30 and 5 on the 12th.

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    Only 20 days to go!!!!!!!!!!
    Tim and Tamara (becktamara1) Lincoln, NE Feb 5-12

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    Sorry fellow Nebraskan but we will probably miss you on the 12th unless you are still there late in the afternoon.

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    Hey Tim & Tamara, We met at CN Feb 09. Hope to see you on the
    10th. Wish you could stay for the staff party !!!

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    Les & Michele BC Canada 2/12-2/25/2011

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    Bob and Sharron, we remember. We went to CN again last Feb. (09 and 10) and this year it was sold out so we are going to try CTI, hope we are not disappointed. We would have loved to be there for the party but Tim has such a crazy work schedule that we have to head back on the 12th,and it seems like every year we just miss Valentines by a day or two. Maybe next year. See ya soon. 17 days and counting!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You will not be disappointed in any way at CTI. If you are leaving on the 12th,you will get to meet some of the Islanders, All great people !!!!!!!!!!!!!Enjoy, see you on the 10th.

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    Francine & Jay 2/3-2/8 See ya on the Island!

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    10 days!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stand it any more. If I have to shovel snow one more time, I may die. So looking forward to the warm sun on my face and sand between my toes.

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    Hey Bob & Sharon! Hope all is well..
    Becktamara1, I am so with you, we are getting snow again today and more expected for the weekend, UGG! I am so ready for some warm weather, and sand between my toes as well.. 15 days and ocunting..

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    Josh & Nikki from South Carolina
    Feb 13- 17
    This will be our third trip to CTI
    2x at CN
    1x at CSA
    and of course our day trips to CSS (Sunset Beach!)

    Hoping for lots of sun and fun. Can't wait to see everybody again. Dirty Bananas here I come!

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    Tom & Beverly have 19 more days for 9th time at CTI Feb 15 - March 1. Can't wait to put the shovel away!! Can anybody tell me anything about this year's staff party?

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    Hi Tom & Beverly, As per Fred & Cyn, the staff party will be on 2/16, from 4-7 pm, on the front lawn (weather permitting)

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    Woohoo! Nicky n Josh, cant wait to see you 2! And everyone else... This is gonna be a GREAT trip folks... You gonna dive josh? Not sure yet what my diving schedule is going to be, as I'm taking my advanced OW course while I'm there, but I'm sure we can get together for 1 or more dives

    I have a feeling there might be a wedding while were there...

    anyway, looking forward to seeing EVERYONE very soon in 13 days !

    -The Captain

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    Bobsharon79, THANK YOU! I've been trying to find that out for a while. We were afraid we'd miss it, because we're coming a little later this year. It will be a great way to celebrate our first full day. Yipee! Only 17 more days. Sun_princess

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    Hello All!! Us North Carolinians are also tired of the cold. My wife, Michelle, and I, Jeff, will be there soon!! 8 days and a wake up til the island calls!
    Jeff & Michelle
    Feb 13-20

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    Hi Majweav! See you there.. Cannot wait to get out of this horrible winter! I've had enough!

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    Default Consolidated List of Feb 2011 attendees from threads

    Hello all, I just went through all of the February threads and pulled out what information I could to consolidate a list of when everyone is coming, where they are from. In the attachment of the list of attendees, I included the screen name and if there is a special occasion for the visit. I hope this helps everyone. I am sure I probably missed someone or didnt input their information correct but I hope it helps provide contact information and a list of names of who you can expect to run into your stay at the Island!! 4 Days and a wake up and Michelle and I get there, we cant wait!!

    Names of Guests From Dates
    Jon & Heather Vancouver, BC 2/04 to 2/18
    Tim & Tamaro Lincoln, NE 2/05 to 2/12
    Martin & Anne Newcastle, UK 2/06 to 2/18
    Val Warwick, MD 2/06 to 2/13
    Bernadette UK 2/07 to 2/21
    Tabitha & Ron Oakville, Ontario 2/11 to 2/18
    Heather & Ron East Hampton, Mass 2/11 to 2/19
    TSC Toronto, Canada 2/12 to 2/19
    Kevin & Karen Omaha, NE 2/12 to 2/19
    Les & Michele BC, Canada 2/12 to 2/25
    Nikki & Josh South Carolina 2/13 to 2/17
    Jeff & Michelle Swanboro, NC 2/13 to 2/20
    Tom & Beverly Redford, MI 2/15 to 3/01
    Maureen & Pat Mt Kisco, NY 2/19 to 2/27
    Jeff & Susan Illinois 2/23 to 3/04
    Jamie & Craig Louisville, Ky 2/25 to 3/07
    Sharon & Steve Ontario, Canada 2/26 to 3/07
    Jeff & Dawn Weare, NH 2/27 to 3/05
    Mark & Terri Kansas City, MI ?
    Cleat & Cami Ft Davis, Tx ?
    Dave & Chell Netherland, England ?
    Attached Files Attached Files
    Jeff & Michelle

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    I'm gonna get an early start on next week.
    Nikki is HOT!!!!!

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