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    Default Which Room is the Best for Honeymoon?

    My fiance has given me the choice of room selection for our honeymoon and I need help on which room to choose: Atrium, Garden, Garden Ver., Ocean, Beachfront. Anyone have any advice?

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    No contest - Atriums are the most romantic by far!

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    Depends on what you really want. I would first narrow it down by TV. If you want a TV which we never do, then go with the Verandah rooms. Then its up to you if you want to be right on oceanside or not. ALLLL the rooms are awesome. Atrium is nice because of the hammock. The Verandah rooms have glass on the windows so you dont hear as much tree frogs and noise as much. We like the older side so we stay in beachfront or atrium.

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    My first piece of advice is to mention which resort you're speaking about when you post a question. From the rooms choices you've posted, it appears that you're asking about CSA. As a general rule for any hotel, the better the room, the higher the price. Pick a beachfront room and be right on the beach.
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    Atrium... you'll love laying in the hammock on your balcony/patio. Most romantic thing ever...

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    The rooms are all the same, just the location is different.

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    We have been there twice @CSA. Once for our Weddingmoon and both times we stayed in a BFVS, right on the beach, 2nd floor. So beautiful and romantic. You won't get a better view!

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    Thats a tough one. Do you want a ton of room, close to the beach, quieter, close to the main building? Everyone has their preferred building. We've stayed in the garden view and the beachfront suite. The suite was for out 10 year anniv. and it was amazing!! Tons of room, great views, huge bathroom ,and right on the beach.
    the other 7 times (at CN) we've stayed in the garden view, one its usually cheaper and two we're hardly in the room anyway.

    Which resort are you staying at? If you would like pictures of the suite at CN email me at


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    But if you have the $$, I'd say either the BFS or the BFVS (depending on whether you want TV). You can roll out of your room right onto the beach, and there's a lot to be said for that! The only thing to know about these rooms is that you do have foot traffic along the beach, but we never found that to be super intrusive....The Atrium rooms are also great, but you can hear your neighbors fairly easily due to the lack of glass in the windows....

    Enjoy your honeymoon!!

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    We have only stayed in the Atrium room and we loved it. There is no television which means you have more time to concentrate on each other (perfect for a honeymoon...LOL). The hammock on the patio is perfect for two...very romantic. When we return to CSA, we will stay in the atrium room again without a doubt.

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    For a honeymoon, I would go with either a Beachfront (original) or an Atrium. The only reason I would opt for Atrium rather than BF is that you get a wee bit more privacy. (No one walking by.) But they're both VERY romantic and the BFS's are RIGHT on the beach. They both have no TV (a plus in our book) and they both have minibars. The Atriums also have a marvelous hammock on the verandah.

    The BFS's are our favorite room in all of Couples, but for the price, we go for an Atrium now, and stay an extra day.

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    Beachfront suite!!!

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    have always stayed in Atrium and is my personal favorite.Since it's your honeymoon I'd go for Beachfront suites.Just be aware that there is a bit of traffic in front of these rooms.That's why I prefer atriums however sitting on my patio watching sunset would be priceless.Whatever you choose you can't go wrong.

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    We stayed in the Atrium for our honeymoon and LOVED it!! Now they have minibars, which is great, but still not tv's. We loved the fact that they didnt have tvs and were very private. We didn't need to tv since we had our hammock out on the covered porch!

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    We had a BFVS 3rd fl corner for our honeymoon, it was awesome!
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    Go for an atrium! Those are our favorite rooms.

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    BEACHFRONT ALL THE WAY! Beachfront Suite is more private than BFVS

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